5 tips for a successful free art scavenger hunt (#arthuntWR)— as an artist

Artists across Waterloo Region are looking forward to May 27. We are scouting neighbourhoods for the best hiding spots and clues. In a few weeks, we will be hiding local treasures across several cities for art enthusiasts to find and take home. Here are my top tips to other artists planning to hide art in our free art scavenger hunt.

1. Prepare for all weather possibilities

Often, it will be rainy for 20 minutes during an otherwise beautiful day. We don’t reschedule the hunt for weather. Package your art so that if it remains hidden for several hours, it will not get dirty or wet. A freezer bag usually does the trick. If the weather is truly awful, it’s nice to have a backup plan, which brings me to the next point.

2. Talk to local shop owners

If there is a storm during the hunt, no one wants to be outside. Talk to some local shop/cafe/office owners and ask them if you can hide art in their establishment. Many businesses love the free advertising that comes with having their name and location broadcast during the hunt — not to mention the foot traffic of hunters looking for the art. Make sure to understand what they are comfortable with and be respectful of their business.

3. Pick hiding spots in advance

Some of my best hiding spots have been impromptu discoveries on my way to find art, but it is nice to have a plan. Having an idea of where I want to hide my art allows me to take an active role in art hunting, instead of wasting time looking for hiding spots. Because, honestly, I love hiding and sharing my art, but there just something about the rush of finding another artist’s piece.

4. Write a personal message with your art

You never know who will find your art. It could be an expert art hunter or a random passerby on the street. We have had many join the hunt after stumbling across art on their walk — not literally — please, don’t create any tripping or safety hazards. Art connects people. Include a personal message with your art to explain about #arthuntWR, who you are, and why you create. You can also download and print cards that explain #arthuntWR here.

5. Include your website and a way to contact you

Make sure you have given the hunter a way to contact you if they would like to purchase some of your work. It can be anything from your website, your phone number, your e-mail or your Instagram account.

And, of course, remember to HAVE FUN. You can learn more about #arthuntWR here.
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