Interview with June’s Featured Artist of the Month: Džesika Devic

Džesika and her husband, Eddie, are Toronto-based photographers who travel the world to capture humans and feelings in film.

How did you get started with photography?

I started in Grade 10 when a friend bought me a camera to take pictures of the comics I was drawing. I quickly stopped drawing comics and continued with taking pictures. Shortly after, I inherited my first film camera from a family friend.

Who was your mentor?

I learned a lot from looking at classic photographers. In many ways they have and still do teach me so much: Elliot Erwitt, William Eggleston, Saul Leiter.

What are you currently working to improve?

To execute ideas properly and efficiently.

I am most proud of my photos that are the least popular. It means I did what I wanted.

What is currently your biggest challenge?

Feeling like I don’t push myself enough. Caring less about what is considered popular and just take the kind of pictures I want to take.

How has your art evolved in the last few years?

I’ve learned a lot about colour composition over the years and I consider that in every photo I take. I also give more forethought into each photo before I take it. A photographer once said that when you’re showing a photo of yours you have to think, “What am I trying tell the viewer?” If there’s no idea there when taking the photo then the intrigue of the result is lost.

What inspires you?

Light, people, and dreams.

A good indicator for an interesting photograph for me has always been something that makes you look twice, and I consider that more and more when I shoot.

Thank you, Džesika, for being June’s featured artist. Džesika’s print of Paris are currently for sale at and will be available for purchase during the month of June 2017. You can contact Džesika on her website for sessions.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for July’s featured artist: Evan Etchr.