My Inspirations: Clay

One of the inspirations for my acrylic paintings that I don’t talk about often is clay, especially images of clay-style artwork used in children’s books.

Yes, strange, I know.

When I was young, I owned a children’s book about cows and a farm. I don’t remember the story or the title but I think about the artwork frequently. The style looked like the artist had created the illustrations using two-dimensional clay, as if he had rolled the clay into long thin lines and then used these lines to create the artwork. The sky, especially, had many swirls of clay lines, reminiscent of an impressionist painting.

I had this artwork, or my memory of it, vividly in mind when I completed my first “real” acrylic painting (pictured bottom) ten years ago. I hadn’t seen the book several years before that, but the images and art style of that children’s book still influence my acrylic paintings today.

Throughout the years, I have practiced and experimented with different styles but parts of this memory still find their way into almost all of my paintings.

If anyone recognizes the “Cow-farm-clay book” I would love to know the title and purchase it. I am curious how the actual book stands against my memory of the illustrations.

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