Mangaung Music Business Workshop and Music Industry Dialogue

Danduza Production, Arts Amuse in partnership with the Department of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation and other stakeholders, would like to announce an exciting Mangaung Music Business Conference and Music Industry Dialogue that will be held at Bloemfontein Civic Theatre from Tuesday 17 April — Friday 20 April.

We hereby like to take this opportunity to invite all industry stakeholders such as Artists, Musicians, DJs, Composers, Songwriters, Instrumentalists, Performers, Distributors, Publishers, Music Directors, Agents, Artists Managers, Sound Engineers, Technicians, Record Labels and Companies that reside in Mangaung and surrounding areas to this all crucial conference.

The purpose of the conference is to bring all these stakeholders together under one roof, to devise mechanisms or find ways after extensive discourse and dialogues, to resolve matters pertaining to the matters critical and dear to the hearts of the artists, composers, publishers and publishing houses alike; to form a crusade, a collective partnerships in working together to create a better entertainment and business industry understanding. Most critical issues will be addressed by experts in the field.

The workshop will be facilitated by Jonathan Shaw — one of the best corporate entertainment lawyers in South Africa, and a junior Corporate and Music Law lecturer at the University of Witwatersrand. He will co-facilitate the workshop with Ayanda Roda, an acclaimed music publisher, promoter, music artist agent and consultant.

The dates for the conference are as follows:

Activity: Mangaung Music Business Conference
 Dates: Tuesday 17 April — Friday 20 April 2018
 Time: 08:30 am — 15:30 pm
 Day 01: The Music Industry Structure
 Day 02: Legal Aspect and Copyright
 Day 03: Music and Artists Management
 Day 04: Music Marketing

Activity: Mangaung Music Industry Dialogue
 Dates: Friday 20 April — Friday 20 April 2018
 Time: 17:00 pm — 19:00 pm
 Host: Shaxe Khumalo
 Panelist: Jonathan Shaw, Ayanda Roda (others to be confirmed)

We hereby urge all artists and various stakeholders to avail themselves for this essential once in a while type of gathering in Mangaung. We hope this workshop and dialogue will share some insight on the opportunities that exist here.

For more information contact Ayanda Roda on 0728008995

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