Cyber babe

Cyber Babe by Stelly Riesling with added gif effects Gignyc 2014

Cyber babe version posted

tempinthetemp : This makes me uncomfortable.
AllMyNamesAreTaken: You know I normally don’t report things but this is fucking weird.
undertow92182: Stelly needs to just go ahead and not.
darearkin : Uh… one, banworthy ‘cause tits. Two, this feels dangerously close to pedo territory.
gignycnine: this is anti pedo — this is why its the artwork
darearkin : I don’t think it works that way, man.
gignycnine: prove me wrong
darearkin: How is it ‘anti pedo’ when it’s clearly a young girl?
gignycnine: online, the girl who is never in real life dah! so?
darearkin: Even if she’s not ‘real,’ most places still ban child nudity even if drawn, photomanp’d, or otherwise on the logic that it’s ‘close enough.’
gignycnine: CHILD NUDITY is crime, but the image that is created is not an actual child
darearkin: It’s still an attempt to represent or ‘fake’ child nudity, however. Which is usually banned.