Still got hot sauce in my bag


Been sippin’ on Queen Bey’s ‘Lemonade’ for 4 months on and I’m still crying. Something about this greatest display of female empowerment in the I've witnessed that’s really striking a chord with me.

Unwittingly, ‘Lemonade’ was our drink of choice all weekend. We jammed to it on our drive back to Michigan, we danced to it at a wedding on Saturday night, and we rounded the weekend out with her VMAs performance.

I haven’t dissected and analyzed what exactly I’m so enamored about, but it’s so satisfying how become a rally cry for women to come together. In the past year or so, I’ve really started to dive into feminist issues and started to realize the mountains of SHIT women have to deal with. I’ve been complicit in the past, but now this bitch is starting to get woke as fuuuuuck.

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