Malaysia-based illustrator Vince Low uses a playful scribbling technique to produce his energetic black and white portraits. He first discovered his lively process while doodling in his sketchbook. He realized that his notes were actually the path towards worthwhile final products.

Low says, “I knew that it would be a challenge for me to scribble out and capture the souls and characters of those people in the portraits. For that reason, I was determined to make a breakthrough by bringing my crafting skills to a whole new level.”

Though scribbles are often seen as just mindless marks across a page, Low’s work is quite purposeful. His confident pen strokes result in realistic portraits filled with beautiful lights and shadows, and incredibly impressive details. His happy personality comes across in the playful explosion of loops and lines and the final portraits are a balance of a seemingly haphazard approach with complex, skilled results. (source: My Modern Met )

Class activity: scumbling
Materials: graphite, colour pencil, oil pastel, cartridge paper
Technique: scumbling
Inspiration: Laith McGregor
Elements: Line, form, colour
Principles: Unity, balance, movement, repetition
SCAMPER: Adapt, modify
Create a portrait drawing of a friend or famous person, using any of the above materials or a combiation of them using the scumbling technique.
The image can be representational or distorted, must show the elements and principles specified.