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ArtWallet New Website is Ready! Now Welcome a Special Quest!

We have been working hard to develop the website that will allow users to find all info about ArtWallet, the project’s founders and team, token, and strategic vision in a single place. The structure of the new website allows you to easily find whatever you need to know about ArtWallet. Minimal time expenditures — maximum value!

The release of our new website is a fundamental step towards the further market expansion of ArtWallet. Modern investors want to find and read all important info about the project of their interest in a few minutes. A highly functional website is our instrument to catch the attention of solid market players.

Test the new website:

We are looking forward to getting your feedback. Together we grow much faster!

Special Quest

And especially for our community, we have decided to organize a Quest to mark the release of a new website. The quest is exciting but requires your concentration and time.


We have intentionally made 5 mistakes (incorrect writing or non-relevant words, etc) in the text provided on our website. So, the first 4 users to find and report us on all 5 mistakes will become our winners and will get very attractive prizes in USDT($25 for one winner, 100$ in total). All submitted reports will be checked by our team.

Quest Duration: 24 hours. The deadline is 22/09/2021, 3 pm CET.

After the end of this quest, we will correct all mistakes on our website.

This contest is a great chance for you to show that you are a true NFT enthusiast and a very attentive person. The ability to focus on details is one of the main traits of a successful investor.

Link to participate in this contest here:

About ArtWallet

ArtWallet is a one-stop solution for the global NFT market that is now worth billions of dollars. There are still many unresolved challenges faced by existing market players. ArtWallet is focused on Data Persistence, Authenticity Verification, Audio/Visual content streaming, and many more.

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