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ArtWallet to be launched in early September — the breakeven NFT concept for the modern industry

We are extremely pleased to announce that the long-waited NFT project established by the founding member of MetaMask Joel Dietz — ArtWallet — is going to be relaunched in early September 2021.

Why rescheduled?

Since the market conditions became less favorable for the launch of new projects at the beginning of summer 2021, our team as well as Hacken have decided to reschedule the IDO of ArtWallet for late Summer — early Autumn. Now we feel that the market is recovering, traders and investors are becoming more active, and these patterns are likely to have a long-term nature. That is why we strongly believe that ArtWallet will achieve great success. Now it’s high time to rock the NFT industry.

Changes in the NFT industry for the last 3 months?

The NFT industry has been experiencing skyrocketing growth since the end of July 2021. One of the main NFT marketplaces, OpenSea, saw an unprecedented increase in daily trading volumes during the first days of August 2021. For example, in July 2021, the average daily trading volume on OpenSea almost did not exceed $10 mln while in August 2021, this figure is permanently above $40 mln — 400% monthly increase, a great indicator of the industry’s health. Compared to June 2021, the increase in trading volumes on OpenSea is even much greater. Namely, the monthly trading volume on OpenSea for the whole June 2021 equaled $125 mln while only for the first 2 weeks of August, this figure equaled more than $800 mln — more than 600% increase!!! And it’s likely to be just the beginning of a very hot season, the second wave of NFY hype! New records are coming!!!

What’s new to ArtWallet?

All this time our team has been working hard to deliver many improvements on the product side. Currently, ArtWallet is under development and the dev team is actively working on delivering MVP in Q4 2021. So, by the end of this year, the whole world will be able to use the best solution for the NFT industry.

What problems does ArtWallet solve?

Currently, the team is focused on solving the most important challenges existing in the NFT industry:

Data Persistence

ArtWallet infrastructure will provide private and secure data storage for valuable pieces of art. The unique solution will make the industry more mature for digital artworks.

Hardware Integration

Beautiful high-resolution frames, AR/VR technologies to visualise NFT art. They will include a ledger that decrypts media files located in the storage. This is a brand new solution to the market and the ArtWallet infrastructure will provide access to these new technologies.

Security Threats

NFT marketplaces are vulnerable to security breaches resulting in stolen digital artworks. ArtWallet provides a digital asset custody solution for this new class of assets. By combining the experience behind the Hacken and ArtWallet teams we can effectively fix security issues affecting the NFT industry.

Mass Adoption

ArtWallet’s solution will be utilized by the whole industry. Simple UX helping users in a few clicks mint NFTs, set ownership rights, and place works on the marketplace to make money is a great way to promote the mass adoption of digital artists.

AR/VR integration

Users will be able to view NFTs via AR/VR glasses to get maximum satisfaction and really feel the art.

ArtWallet Roadmap

Token Sale Timing and Details

All token utility, as well as token sale details, will be announced later this week and the IDO is planned for September. We want to inform the Hacken Community that the HAI round will have the same mechanism as for HAPI, DDOS, and UFI.

Partnerships, Collaborations, and Clients

We are also happy to mention that during the last 3 months we have entered into a number of Partnerships with major NFT platforms. All these partnerships and their details will be announced during the IDO campaign. Marketplaces, major NFT agencies representing Tier 1 artists, are already on the board and will be announced soon.

Private Placement

The tokenomics and token sale details will be announced later this week, but we are happy to state that a greater part of the strategic and crypto funds round is closed. However, we keep on collecting inquiries for the private placements. If you want to get an allocation for the private round, please contact or TG @private_artwallet. When applying, please let us know what value you can bring to ArtWallet. We will collect inquiries by the end of August and then the private sale allocation will be distributed.

IDO Event in September

We are happy to announce that 2 major IDO platforms will host ArtWallet IDO in September 2021. IDO partners will be announced 1–2 weeks before the IDO.

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