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ArtWallet: Token Utility and Token Sale Details

ArtWallet is the innovative NFT solution bringing together NFT marketplaces, creators, virtual galleries, and many more elements of digital art. ArtWallet is suitable for art as well as other sectoral types of NFTs such as Real Estate, Collectible, etc.

The key principles followed by the team behind ArtWallet are data persistence and the comfort of our users. We are focused on meeting the needs of the global crypto community and promoting the mass adoption of NFT technologies.

ArtWallet gives you a simple interface to store and playback your favorite NFTs. For Creators, ArtWallet is the solution to drop some exclusive content and get rewards in native tokens.

Audio/Visual streaming is a great challenge that will be addressed by ArtWallet. Storing and playing back massive video and audio files is a great engineering challenge. The unique technology provided by ArtWallet will allow you to store a huge amount of data in NFT enabling you to have big NFT audio/video files. Storing highly valued pieces of Art, real estate documents, and so on is a great challenge for the storage system. By combining the best practices, ArtWallet strives to create the most persistent way of NFT minting and data storing.

1ART — native token powering the ArtWallet ecosystem

1ART is the cross-chain ERC-20/BEP-20 token powering the ArtWallet ecosystem.

Just imagine Spotify or iTunes via NFTs — voila, it’s ArtWallet! Dropping exclusive content and receiving fair rewards! Fair for Creators and for Artists!

This is a global Art competition. Everyone is interested in getting higher rewards. And 1ART token is the instrument that will allow you to maximize your earnings! This is why most creators will go to ArtWallet.

ArtWallet is more than just a simple NFT marketplace! It’s a giant Spotify-sized project that strives to ensure a fair reward distribution for the whole Art industry. The artists will be able to drop exclusive content while users will be able to subscribe for this artist using the 1ART tokens.

Difference between ArtWallet and NFT marketplaces

NFT marketplaces are the platforms to store, display, trade, and, in some cases, mint (create) NFTs. But ArtWallet is in front of it! Firstly, our solution can be used as a gateway to unite all marketplaces. Creators will be able to drop some content using the 1ART tokens to any NFT marketplace. This is a simple utility.

But what if the artist doesn’t want his NFT to be displayed everywhere? Why can any person see this NFT for free? Even copy it?

ArtWallet is the right solution for such an artist! An Artist can lock exclusive content and only subscribed users will be able to see it! This is our unique feature! This is the real NFT! Nobody except the owner can see it!

But what if I want to make some extra money on it?

Sure, it’s your right! That’s why we have created the unique NFT lending protocol! The owners of exclusive NFT art will be able to rent their pieces of art to virtual/physical galleries. The ownership rights will be regulated via smart-contracts. Just imagine, you are the only owner of the beautiful piece of NFT Art. And the virtual “Louvre ” wants this piece of Art to be displayed in their gallery. Especially during the COVID era, when people don’t have any possibilities to visit real Galleries, Virtual Galleries are the solution to meet individuals’ demand for viewing art! The virtual gallery market is growing tremendously. For example, in 2020, one of the largest online auctions, “ONE: A Global Sale of the 20th Century,” organized by Christie’s was viewed by more than 100,000 viewers worldwide via live streaming. Art Basel’s Online Viewing Room project launched in 2020 attracted more than 250,000 visitors compared to 88,000 visitors who attended the respective offline event in 2019. Currently, close to 20% of art lovers are interested in viewing artworks in online galleries instead of viewing them in-person. By using high-resolution VR or AR glasses you can visit “Louvre” while sitting in your house! It’s fantastic, isn’t it? And ArtWallet provides this top-niche solution!

Want to see the virtual “Mona Lisa”? — Easy! Just rent out the exclusive NFT with 1ART tokens, display it either on TV via Airplay, or use AR/VR glasses. This is the technology of the future! And this future will soon come true with ArtWallet — the single solution for the whole Industry!

All Artists will be able to drop exclusive NFT content and get fair Rewards with ArtWallet! Huge Market Opportunities!


1ART is the cross-chain ERC-20/BEP-20 token powering the ArtWallet ecosystem.

The total supply of 1ART tokens is 100,000,000. 19% of tokens are available for sale.

MarketCap at TGE is 137k USD!

When finalizing the tokenomics, the team behind ArtWallet has implemented the best practices to ensure the sustainable growth of the Project and our community.

Please, check updated tokenomics here >>>

Private Placement

The private placement of 1ART is split into 3 rounds depending on the type of investors and their contribution to the project.

Round A

Round A is designed for influencers and key opinion leaders who bring extra value to ArtWallet. Only the people who will be actively involved in the ArtWallet marketing campaigns are allowed to participate. Depending on the influencer’s audience and his impact on the market, Round A allocation will range between 1k and 5k USDT. We are happy to work with the best Key Opinion Leader who brings extra value to ArtWallet.

Available for Round A: 2,500,000 1ART tokens.

Vesting schedule: 10% unlocked at TGE, linear vesting for 12 months.

Allocations: minimum allocation is 1k USDT, maximum allocation is 5k USDT.

Please contact or TG @private_artwallet to negotiate on the allocation. When approaching, please use the tagline “Influencer”.

Round B

Round B is designed for the strategic partners who are going to enter into a strategic partnership or integrate with ArtWallet. We can’t disclose the existing partnerships right now, but we will do it during the ArtWallet IDO campaign. We will be collecting inquiries till Aug 31, 2021, then the strategic allocation will be distributed.

Available for Round B: 5,000,000 1ART tokens.

Vesting schedule: 5% unlocked at TGE, 3 months lock-up, linear vesting for 12 months.

Allocations: minimum allocation is 5k USDT, maximum allocation is 25k USDT

Please contact or TG @private_artwallet to negotiate on the allocation. When approaching, please use the tagline “Round B”.

Round C

Round C is specially designed for the long-term investors, especially crypto funds interested in investing in the project in the long-term perspective! ArtWallet wants to see only Top strategic investors onboard. During the campaign, we have collected more than 100 inquiries from the funds. We will be collecting inquiries till Aug 31, 2021, then the Round C allocation will be distributed.

Available for Round C: 7,500,000 1ART tokens.

Vesting schedule: 0% unlocked at TGE, 6 months lock-up, linear vesting for 18 months.

Allocations: minimum allocation is 25k USDT, maximum allocation is 100k USDT

Please contact or TG @private_artwallet to negotiate on the allocation. When approaching, please use the tagline “Round C”.

Round D

Round D is a special round that we are still working on and it will be announced later.

HAI Round

We are happy to announce that the HAI Round will have a traditional mechanism, the same as the ones for HAPI, DDOS, and UFI. The total allocation of the HAI round is 2,000,000 1ART Tokens. The Hacken Club Membership Boosters are applied. The HAI Round details will be announced additionally. It is expected to start next week! Stay tuned for further announcements.

HAI Farming

HAI farming will be available. Up to 5% of the Total 1ART supply will be available for farming for the 3 years. This is the sustainability for the whole Hacken and ArtWallet ecosystems!

Public Sale

We are happy to announce that major IDO platforms will host the ArtWallet IDO in September 2021. IDO partners will be announced 1–2 weeks before the IDO. Please stay tuned for further announcements.

More information about the upcoming relaunch of ArtWallet and the project’s features may be found in the following material.

About Hacken Foundation

Hacken Foundation is the startup accelerator platform that gives a boost to innovative projects developing promising cybersecurity solutions for individual and corporate clients. Hacken Foundation functions under the business model cultivated by Amazon. 5 innovative cybersecurity projects including HAPI, disBalancer, PureFi, Worminator, and ArtWallet have been launched within Hacken Foundation since the beginning of 2021. There is also a community-driven initiative ToxicList functioning within Hacken Foundation. Hacken Foundation is focused on realizing the potential of cybersecurity enthusiasts by allowing them to implement their breakthrough ideas under the mentorship and marketing assistance of the best industry experts.

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