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Meet our new strategic and technical partner — Envelop

ArtWallet team is proud to introduce our new strategic and technical partner, the project Envelop, an NFT wrapping protocol developer that explores new opportunities for NFT in sports, esports, and gaming industries. This partnership will allow ArtWallet to add new important features to our product to facilitate user experience and gain competitive advantages over other market players. As a result, our users will have access to greater functionality that will result in their increased loyalty to ArtWallet.

We realize that partnerships with innovative teams are a great chance for us to accelerate our growth while mitigating potential threats. We see that the Envelop team is highly motivated to assist ArtWallet in reaching our goals and they know how to do it. It’ll be a very beneficial partnership for 2 parties.

Alexander Shedugubov, the CEO of Envelop, commented on the partnership: “I believe success comes from a collaborative effort. I see a huge potential in the ArtWallet project and a very natural path of how to help them become even more successful among their competitors. I am excited about this partnership.”

Joel Dietz, the Founder of ArtWallet noted: “It’s a great pleasure for me to see Envelop in the list of ArtWallet’s partners. This project delivers to the market real solutions promoting the mass adoption of NFTs. This partnership opens huge opportunities for ArtWallet and now we can move even faster towards reaching our key goals.”

ArtWallet is on its mission to build the best NFT wallet in the market, focused on data persistence, authenticity verification, audio/visual content streaming, and many more. We’ll keep on opening new horizons. Looking forward to sharing with you details on our next partnerships.

About Envelop

Envelop is a cross-chain protocol that utilizes NFT as storage for cryptocurrencies or additional NFTs in a process called “wrapping.” Using the protocol, it’s possible to add any digital asset inside NFTs. The assets, also known as collateral, can range from static to dynamic, with custom programmable fees charged with every transaction and stored into a vault for later withdrawals.






About ArtWallet

ArtWallet is a smart & secure NFT app for artists and metaverse creators, the 21st-century version of iTunes and Spotify via NFTs. ArtWallet brings together the key elements of modern digital art including NFT marketplaces, virtual galleries, and creators.

ArtWallet will create the most persistent way of NFT minting and data storing, thus, storing big NFT audio/video files will be possible.



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