Additional sources of income for artists

If you want to live full time as an artist or a creative artist, it’s not enough to rely solely on online sales or galleries. If you’ve been a professional artist for many years, you may already be familiar with off-peak seasons, flop shows and rainy art fairs. It can be difficult to count one source of income. Do not put all your money on a horse or all your eggs in a basket. So, why would you want to earn all your income in the same place? The good news is that artists have different ways to make a living today. The best news is that most of these ideas require preliminary work, but only a minimum of work. The best news is that as an artist, you already have the creativity to find unique ways to grow your business with the latest blockchain technology.

By diversifying your artist revenue and investing in the artchain project, you can eliminate the pressure of pure production and have the time and freedom to focus on new creative projects while maintaining a steady income. It also allows fluctuations in the profits of each platform, without highlighting whether a bad month sold in art fairs cannot pay the bills. If you look at your artwork and talents as an investment instead of building your week for a certain number of hours or events, you can generate many sources of long-term revenue. The Artchain, a blockchain based technology is here to open your horizons to different ways in which you can monetize your artwork beyond online sales and galleries and gain freedom and flexibility.