Growing Up — Ep. 02 (Henry Gordon-Smith) and Ep. 03 (Rick Ladendorf)

Henry Gordon Smith

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Growing Up is a podcast about indoor farming growers, entrepreneurs, and technologists. In episode two, I chat with Henry Gordon-Smith, urban agriculture consultant and founder of Agritecture Consulting. Henry is a self-proclaimed “cheerleader” of the industry and has built a business around helping indoor farming entrepreneurs succeed.

Some mistakes Henry sees new farmers make:

  • Not enough market research
  • Miscalculating costs (labor and product waste)
  • Not understanding your production needs and whether a vertical or greenhouse operation would be best

Henry’s resources to check out:

  1. GreenTech conference in Amsterdam
  2. AgFunder News
  3. Rob Laing’s (founder Farm.One) posts

Events to attend if you’re interested in learning more:

  • Aglanta: Smart Ag for Smart Cities (Henry and I will both be speaking…let me know if you’re going to attend)
  • Agritecture Workshops — workshops focused on collaboration, design, and innovation in urban agriculture and vertical farming

Want to get in touch with Henry? Head to his site:

Episode three features Rick Ladendorf, President and co-founder of Global Growables. Global Growables is a container farming company focused on reducing childhood obesity and encouraging local food production. Each container produces over 1,000 lbs of produce.

What’s inside the container?

  • 240 sf of grow area
  • 64 Micro-Green trays
  • 168 vertical towers
  • 2,352 grow-pods (plant sites)
  • 84 Liquid-cooled Vertical LED lights
  • 32 LED Micro-Green Lights
  • 14 individually controlled LED Dimmer boxes
  • Climate control sensors
  • Robust oxygen and CO2 movement

Want to get in touch with Global Growables? Head to their site:

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Agriculture and agtech stories, news and science from the team at Artemis