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Satellite image of Almeria, Spain. There are over 30,000 hectares (that’s about 75,000 acres) of greenhouses in Almeria.

Let’s Talk About Market Size

What’s an indoor farm?

So, what’s data worth to a farmer?

What’s happening around the world?

With cost savings and yield increases, that means the global market for data in the indoor greenhouse vegetable industry alone is $120B.

How fast is the market growing?

The takeaway:

The bullet points:

  • Controlling your farm environment is a technique that generates over $21B annually in the US and well over $300B globally in crop sales.
  • Data is worth a lot to farms.
  • It helps growers cut costs and increase revenues.
  • That value is worth $5.6B annually to indoor farmers in the US.
  • The global market for data in the greenhouse vegetable industry is worth over $120B globally.
  • Data is helping the industry expand and meet the needs of our growing global population.



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