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ARterra Labs Raises Seed Round To Bring NFTs to Esports and Content Creators

ARterra Labs is thrilled to announce our seed fundraise and also share what’s in store for our upcoming launch of the ARterra Platform.

The seed financing was led by Woodstock Fund, with participation from Youbi Capital, LD Capital, 42 Fund and Baikal Blockchain Research Laboratory.

In addition, ARterra’s advisors have greatly contributed to shaping the product and helping create novel NFT use cases for fan engagement:

Jason Lake, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Complexity Gaming, & Global Head of Esports, GameSquare

  • Jason Lake is the Founder and CEO of Complexity Gaming, one of the longest-standing and most successful Esports organizations in North America, and Global Head of Esports at GameSquare Esports Inc., an international gaming and Esports company. In his role as CEO of Complexity, Lake leads the Complexity management team, overseeing Complexity’s Esports teams, various brand partnerships, and strategic direction of the organization. As Global Head of Esports at GameSquare, Lake is tasked with growing both companies’ collective international footprint.
  • Lake is considered one of the founding fathers of American esports, having established Complexity in 2003 and having served as an advisor to North American gaming leagues for over 15 years.
  • Lake holds a B.B.A. in Finance from Iowa State University and a Juris Doctorate from Emory University School of Law.

Jason Hitchcock | Formerly Sr. Manager of Strategic Partnerships — Esports at Twitch, Lead investment strategist at To The Moon Capital, a DeFi focused Fund

  • Jason provides over 10 years of GTM experience at early stage startups, founding team at Bebo (acquired by Twitch), led fandom strategy for Twitch, and co-founder of To The Moon Capital.
  • Jason is also the proud owner of CryptoPunk #5777
CryptoPunk #5777
  • Jason Hitchcock is the lead investment researcher and co-founder of To The Moon Capital, a fund that invests in DeFi, cross chain, and web3 infrastructure assets. Prior to his move into crypto, Jason spent the last decade at early stage startups helping companies get their first 1,000 customers, including Bebo which was acquired by Twitch. While at Twitch Jason developed the fandom strategy for Twitch’s original content programs.
  • Jason’s been investing in crypto since 2016 and is betting everything on DeFi and NFTs enabling the next phase of the creator economy revolution.


At ARterra, we are hyper-focused to create the Digital Collectible Hub of Esports to engage and reward fans while creating new revenue opportunities.

Compared to traditional sports, Esports currently suffers from a lack of sustainable monetization and engagement methods despite a global audience of over 474 million people.

Why NFTs for Creators?

Esports Streamers, Teams, and Leagues are now able to utilize NFTs to increase revenue while also rewarding passionate fans through a variety of use-cases:

What is ARterra?

ARterra is an NFT platform, Marketplace, and API solution to empower creators with the best tools and experiences to elevate fan engagement.

Today, most NFT platforms and marketplaces make a trade-off between either:

  1. Building on a decentralized blockchain to tap into existing network effects and applications but sacrifice UX by requiring use of third-party wallets, high gas fees, and/or crypto only transactions.
  2. Building on a centralized blockchain to offer users better UX but sacrifice security, interoperability, and network effects.

ARterra takes the approach to find the optimal middle ground between decentralization and user-experience. We embrace the idea of “progressive decentralization” coined by Jesse Walden.

Built on the NEAR Blockchain, ARterra Platform takes advantage of its contract-based account model, speed, and scalability.

With gas prices on NEAR being cheap and predictable, ARterra subsidizes all gas costs for both creators and buyers/sellers through our unique FIAT payments processing system.

At the same time, all transactions can be verified on-chain, giving greater assurance to our users. In our initial launch, ARterra signs transactions on behalf of users and provides key management solutions so the experience is seamless and fluid. We like to call this the learning phase for users.

NFTs on ARterra are also certified carbon-neutral. Creators and fans can now focus on the utility and benefits of NFTs without the baggage of environmental concerns.

Lastly, ARterra provides APIs for enterprise clients to white-label our technology within existing brands and platforms.

What’s Next for ARterra?

ARterra will introduce a variety of improvements that ultimately give more freedom and control for both creators and fans.

First, we will give users the option to custody their private key and opt out of the default key management service provided in our initial launch. This will allow users the freedom to withdraw NFTs on ARterra to a ledger or another NEAR-based marketplace or game, for example.

Taking this a step further, ARterra will leverage NEAR’s trustless Rainbow Bridge to give additional options for users to bridge NFTs between NEAR and Ethereum.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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