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7 Autistic Signs Everyone Missed in Me as a Child And Teenager

#6 Meltdowns

Photo by Kevin Bidwell from Pexels

After reading this article, I decided it was about time I wrote about some signs of Autism I had as a child. I read online that writing the signs you had as a child makes it easier to get a diagnosis.

I filled several pages with moments from my childhood and teenage years that tied to me being autistic. I threw…




This Publication is for all who are Autistic and for those of our kind. It is for the Neurodivergent, for those on the Spectrum of all Gender Identities, the LGBTQ*, and all others who are justifiably non-conformant to Society’s harmful marginalization and Ableist views of us.

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Ines May

Ines May

Veterinarian, diagnosed with autism at 27, writing to figure life. E-mail me at Become a member:

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