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Calling All Autistic Translators

By virtue of your neurodivergence, you already speak at least two languages to make yourself understood. Now we need your translating skills to help stop the extinction of all we love on the planet.

I’ve been writing a lot of short stories lately, but this post is NOT fiction. We are in serious doo-doo, people. But I believe that autistic people can save the planet. It has to do with our atypical abilities.



This Publication is for all who are Autistic and for those of our kind. It is for the Neurodivergent, for those on the Spectrum of all Gender Identities, the LGBTQ*, and all others who are justifiably non-conformant to Society’s harmful marginalization and Ableist views of us.

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MJ Santos

Trying to improve or at least distract the world one story at a time. 🏳️‍🌈Autistic immigrant in 🇵🇹