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Newsletter November 10th, 2020 LinkedIn and Quora

Two Great New Ways to Promote Your Awesome Creative Work !

Image by Keira Fulton-Lees

Dear Writers, Readers, and Editors,

As yet another way to get our name out there, I’ve created a Quora and a LinkedIn account, and have posted all stories by all writers on both platforms.

You can find them here:

There’s no such things as too much publicity !


Keira Fulton-Lees
Artfully Autistic Advocate for Autism

Creator, Editor and Writer for the Medium Publication:

  • ArtfullyAutistic — The Beauty of Autism Within the Written Word, Music, Crafts, and the Visual Arts




This Publication is for all who are Autistic and for those of our kind. It is for the Neurodivergent, for those on the Spectrum of all Gender Identities, the LGBTQ*, and all others who are justifiably non-conformant to Society’s harmful marginalization and Ableist views of us.

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Keira Fulton-Lees

Keira Fulton-Lees

Artfully Autistic Advocate for Autism, Writer, Editor, Artist, Musician, Owner of the Medium Publication: Artfully Autistic:

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