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NTs STFU Challenge for the New Year

This is a challenge to help change six issues that are harmful to the Autistic.

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Trigger Warning and Content Warning Abortion mention, eugenics mention, police mention, Nazi mention, Asperger’s mention, ableism regarding self-acceptance and self-discovery, self-advice, et al.
(Note: These are more appropriate terms to use instead of self-growth and self-love since the privileged and neurotypical bourgeoisie ruins both)

Ihave wanted to say this for a long time, and no, I will keep thinking it because I detest it when NTs say things that internally make my blood boil in terms of how they provide “self-growth” and “self-love” advice that only helps NT individuals, but never people who are neurodivergent, neurodiverse, disabled and/or autistic.

Some things make me want to say to NTs “STFU” please (Note: STFU means “Shut the f*ck up”), which is often something that can be used in more of a playful manner, an angry manner, or even a “sick and tired of your sh*t” manner, etc., so I will list them:

1. You need to have more compassion and love for yourself…

This is one thing that makes my blood boil because not only are NTs saying to you that “People only like someone who has compassion and love for themself, not someone who pities themself and wants external reassurance from others”, they’re also ableist sh*t-heels about it, which pisses me off since they never decenter themselves when it comes to the world of mental health and the world of self-acceptance.

Since I have listed this as #1, a lot of NTs do not realise that some people who are neurodivergent, neurodiverse, disabled, and/or autistic (who grew up in dominantly NT families) individuals have a difficult time with providing themselves “compassion” and “love” since there are double standards in the self-love and self-compassion/growth industries that only cater to NTs.

For example, if an NT person shares their experience with the state(s) of their mental health and is able learning to have compassion for themselves and to “love” themselves in a seemingly effortless manner (even though it is NEVER effortless), then they’re seen as good and as people who are becoming “better persons”.

However, if an autistic person is brutally honest about the state of their mental health while also having difficulties with providing themselves “compassion” and “love” since their families didn’t demonstrate to them what the societal constructs of “self-love” and “self-compassion” looks like, they would be told that they aren’t “trying hard enough” to do that, that they need to “work” on themselves, even though they are fine the way they are, not this b*tch-ass of an NT society that is the one who needs to change.

They would be told that they are “selfish”, that they’re “self-centred”, that they are asking to be “pitied”, that they need to learn how to “deal with reality”, and so forth.

2. Have you ever tried [insert self-care strategy that only works for NT people]?…”

This one also takes the cake since some NTs don’t fully understand what works best for others and preach the importance of communication to us, yet they practice the opposite while expecting us to read their minds and to fully understand what they’re asking of us like the clowns they are.

However, some NTs allow us to utilise our tethers (or referred to as “coping mechanisms”) instead of actually judging the tethers that help us stay alive, which is basic human decency that most NTs should learn to have (Not the other ones that already know how to provide it since they’re still learning in life).

3. “You need to learn how to calm yourself so that clients would feel
calm around you…”

This one I paraphrased from what one of my family members told me, which sucks since the institutionalised Social Service Work field is already colonialist, capitalist, and neoliberal – a value that emphasizes the value of free-market competition typically depicted in its belief to sustain economic growth as a means to “achieve” human progress.

This emphasis on seldom state/governmental intervention in both social and economic matters includes a commitment towards freedom of trade and capital (specifically human capital), white supremacism, patriarchism, Eurocentrism, and primarily perisexnormative and allocisheteronormative, along with it being ableist.

However, my own family doesn’t really know how ableist and bigoted the field already is with its carceral relations with the corrupt law system, the morally corrupt justice system, including the cost of finances that aren’t spent properly in terms of the disproportionate amount of finances towards aiding marginalised communities and their families instead of the p*lice system.

Note: At the end of the last paragraph I wrote the implied word p*lice for those who have personally dealt with the injustice, indifference, and the brutality of inhumanity from this system in the past.
Ironically, despite this horrendous behaviours, this system is already more funded than non-for-profit organizations that truly help people and treat those in need with dignity, compassion, and respect.

It’s the carceral, Eurocentric, neoliberal, and imperialist system for me

4. Seeing the dreaded puzzle pieces on Autism-based organisations that use blue instead of the neurodiversity symbol with “Autism Acceptance” in red and gold

This one also takes the cake…

It pisses me off that Autism-based organisations in my province still use the puzzle piece symbols with blue on them, even one time during someone’s student-led agency profile presentation in my field placement seminar class. I’m Canadian and an Ontarian, by the way

It is frustrating that they still use person-first language instead of using identity-first language. Hell, even my mum thinks that using person-first language is “appropriate”, which it damn isn’t.

People literally don’t know how Autism Speaks is actually a eugenicist hate group, similar to fascists and Nazis, because Autism Speaks and other organisations such as the National Alliance for Autism Research and “Cure Autism Now”, have given $39 million towards “autism research” grants that are more focused on “curing” autism, which obviously is eugenicist and suspicious, or it’s a short form of “sus”. Autism Speaks is also involved with the Autism Genome Project.

Allow me to explain this in detail…

The Autism Genome Project is a partial mission taken on by said ableist and eugenicist organisation, in which its actual purpose is to develop pre-natal (“before birth”) screenings for autism, which can result in babies who are more likely to have a higher chance of being autistic to be aborted.

This is where the eugenicist, fascist, and Nazi part comes into play – Intentions and damaging views and actions that may last even longer than the Autism Genome Project itself, in order to increase an occurrence of heritable characteristics that are considered as “desirable” by eugenicist ableists.

This gives off fascist and Nazi vibes so much, and it would not be a shame if this was overthrown and demolished… {Cue: Imagination. Where I am able to do that as a supposed future anarchist and anti-fascist, but I might get there someday.}

Eugenics is also even used as a way to “weed out” autistic people, including marginalized individuals who were Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, Jewish/Muslim individuals, et al. from the so-called “desirable” ones by the Nazis, including the Nazi Hans Asperger, of whom “Asperger’s Disorder” was named after.

¹ “Asperger’s Disorder was added to the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) in 1994 as a separate disorder from autism. However, there are still many professionals who consider Asperger’s Disorder a less severe form of autism. In 2013, the DSM-5 replaced Autistic Disorder, Asperger’s Disorder and other pervasive developmental disorders with the umbrella diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.”

Nazis were the ones choosing which autistic individuals were “desirable” to them to carry out their plan of genetic superiority (including to harm and eradicate MOGAI individuals, Romani individuals, Catholics – people who Hitler labelled as “Communists”, disabled, neurodivergent and neurodiverse people, including Jewish peoples, and as a result 6 million were killed

5.Being infantilised by NTs…

NTs really need to stop with the infantilisation because it doesn’t help autistic people (however, that depends on the autistic person since I do not speak for them, because experiences vary from person to person), nor does it help with striving towards equity for autistic individuals.

Talking to autistic individuals in an infant-like manner not only is aggravating, but it is also dehumanising us because speaking like this implies that we autistic individuals are “child-like”, and that we are not “capable” of being treated as actual human beings, which to me is also very ableist and not comfy s’mores of NT people.

6.Overglorifying the bull-sh*t that Autism Speaks pulls

Yeah, that is something that pisses me off since there are organisations in Ontario that still buy into the bull-cr*p that are the inaccurate media portrayals of autistic folx…

  • I sadly don’t have much to say from my past experiences, but if anyone
    wants to share their experiences in the comments section, please do so.
  • I love hearing past experiences from others so that we can befriend each

However, most of this can also be seen in some Ontarian autism-based organisations that attempt to “better” the lives of autistic individuals even though this doesn’t help anyone, but rather makes the lives of autistic people worse since society wants us to be their version of “normal”, which harms society more than actually to help us.

And there you have it!

These are the things that make me want to say “NTs STFU” to the privileged NTs in power. In my head of course since I would rather keep myself safe from getting doxxed on the internet because they continue to keep making life worse for us.


Crosman, C. (2019, September 19). The Ableist History of Autism Speaks. Retrieved December 17, 2020, from


¹ Autism Society. Asperger’s Syndrome (©2020 Autism Society). Retrieved 02:34, December 20, 2020, from's%20Disorder%20was%20added%20to,a%20separate%20disorder%20from%20autism.



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