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Why are menstrual products so pointlessly gendered???

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The week of Bloody Mary

Honestly, I’ve found out that my Bloody Mary started at either on a Friday or Saturday before Indigenous Peoples’ Day (or widely known as “Thanksgiving” in Canada), so I typically use menstrual products (the last time I tried tampons… well… it was simply uncomfortable for sensory reasons) that are comfortable for me, such as pads.

How society should be able to at least realistically strive towards being more inclusive in terms of menstrual packaging

In this section, I will at least state this… Include more kinds of menstrual undergarments for menstruating individuals of all sizes, all genders, and for intersex individuals who menstruate as well, remove the venus symbol (which is used to signify the marker of ‘female’ on human bodies who menstruate, and brings more than enough mental and emotional pain, gender dysphoria [for trans folks who continue dealing with dysphoria], trans imposter syndrome (the feeling that one isn’t really ‘trans’ or is ‘pretending’ to be trans and there is also more to it than just those feelings), along with feelings of self-doubt and self-hatred for gender-modal, non-binary, trans and intersex trans folks to deal with besides the heart and mind-crushing pain [varies from person to person and system to system for traumagenic systems] experienced), and to make undergarment products inclusive.

My colourful messages to bigoted wannabe-traditional wives (or otherwise referred to as ‘tradfems’ on Tumblr) known as TERFs

Also, for the love of rainbows TERFs, stop acting like prissy Mean Girl motherfuckers who always want everything to be ciscentric because it won’t get you places nor will it get you into positions with sincere intersectional and genuine feminists (anarchists included because they actually give a care about vulnerable individuals) who actually give more of a shit about women and many people of all walks of life (unlike you), and TERFs, none of you were ever feminists in the first place because your genuine hatred of people who don’t fit into your bullshit standards aren’t liberating nor do they actually protect the people you claim to give fucks about, because not every cis woman has a ‘womb’ like you have to hold above cis women who don’t even have uteruses. Plus, y’all literally hate women who aren’t white, cishet (etc.) and neurotypical like you are, so get off your fascist tradwife asses for once in your lives and at least develop some human decency (if your TERF nonsense hasn’t sucked out the non-existent humanity you have left of you), and please stop worshipping your uteruses as if they’re something related to a religion… it’s honestly creepy.

Why gendered and feminine-coded language does more harm than good to others who aren’t perisex and allocishetero feminine-conforming women

Okay, so I’ll share some thoughts on why gendered/cisnormative feminine-coded language actually does more harm to others than good.



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