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Why are menstrual products so pointlessly gendered???

Photo by Natracare on Unsplash

The week of Bloody Mary

How society should be able to at least realistically strive towards being more inclusive in terms of menstrual packaging

My colourful messages to bigoted wannabe-traditional wives (or otherwise referred to as ‘tradfems’ on Tumblr) known as TERFs

Why gendered and feminine-coded language does more harm than good to others who aren’t perisex and allocishetero feminine-conforming women



This Publication is for all who are Autistic and for those of our kind. It is for the Neurodivergent, for those on the Spectrum of all Gender Identities, the LGBTQ*, and all others who are justifiably non-conformant to Society’s harmful marginalization and Ableist views of us.

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