Bellroy Card Pocket

We pay for dozens of things a week, be it groceries or your favorite 500 calorie drink from Starbucks. Most of us do this by shimmying our wallet out of a pocket, folding it open to our card of choice and swiping. This wallet that you just unfolded looks pretty identical to the person that paid before you and will look similar to the person’s behind you in line. Wallets usually look the same and have near to no character, but you don’t have to use one of those boring wallets. You could use a Bellroy Card Pocket instead.

Bellroy sent me a wallet of choice and I decided to go with the Card Pocket. The Card Pocket comes in five colors. I chose caramel (which is a light brown). The caramel reminds me of an old handmade leather good you would find in a consignment shop. It has that unique, raw leather hide look.

The packaging my Card Pocket arrived in looked like it was prepared just for me. It makes you pause in the usual mad dash of opening your mail. It looks like it was just as thought over as the wallet itself. From the first time you touch the soft and rugged leather, it screams quality. The zipper is sturdy and satisfying to zip; yes…zipper. No, it does not look like a man purse or a woman’s wallet. It looks like a quality, versatile wallet. When first seeing it’s size I thought that all my cards, ID, and cash would never fit. But don’t be fooled by its compact size. The Card Pocket is rated to hold 4–15 cards, coins, folded bills, and even a sim card.

Since using the Card Pocket I have received numerous compliments and interested looks. I think I have mainly received longing stares as the person next to me sits on their rock of a wallet uncomfortably. The Card Pocket is slim, spacious, and stylish. I have personally been using slim wallets / card sleeves for a while but in doing so I have always had to compromise. I had to limit the amount of cards or cash I could bring and had given up on the idea of keeping change entirely. The barista’s tip jar was happy but I was not. With the Bellroy Card Pocket there is no need to compromise at all. I have actually found that I can’t max out the space available. There is more than enough room for what I need on me and I know most people will feel the same.

I have been using the Card Pocket for almost a month and it has worn nicely. Leather can be hit or miss. It either wears nicely and looks better over time or it chips, cracks, and stains unevenly. The Card Pocket has held up well and absorbed only some color from my pants. Bellroy has clearly made a great product; one that cuts no corners when it comes to style or functionality.

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Originally published at on June 25, 2016.

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