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On October 3rd, 2016, I wrote a feature on my blog that I then had. I was attending the University of Wroclaw in my country, Poland, when I joined a nationwide women’s strike against the Parliament and its attempts to ban abortion. It’s now 2020, four years later. I live in Los Angeles where I moved after graduating bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Social Communication. I moved there to follow my career as film and television critic, but most importantly — to have a good life with my wife. I wouldn’t have any rights in my own country because I’m…

They’re even more beautiful than normal this year, I’m sure of it. Even here in the city centre, the blossom trees are a truly spectacular sight. They look like clouds that have drifted down to earth, or giant sticks of candyfloss growing on the roadside. Their petals seem brighter this year, the whites purer and the pinks more vibrant.

Then again, perhaps it’s just my perception. Perhaps it’s simply the result of being cooped up for most of the day. April is usually the month when my mood turns a corner, when I am able to shake off the last…

20th century PR blunders by well-known brands

While there are countless studies stating marketing as a science more than art, today, most would say, it’s a blend of both.

There are numerous product launches every year, and with the intense competition where each brand is looking to edge its competitors, there is only little margin for error. The success of a business is often attributed to its marketing and despite how data is revolutionizing campaigns, things can go wrong.

History shows us time and again that despite deploying the brightest of minds and budgets, failures occur for the least expected reasons.

Let’s dig through some of the…

You’ve already experienced much more social interactions than you ever imagined.

That sounds crazy and definitely a statement our healthcare professionals would hate to read but hear me out.

Social distancing has changed us forever. This experience has done that by making us more social.

Think about life before COVID-19 ravaged our country. We’d wake up, go to work, talk to the same few people we always do, go home, watch TV, text a few people, maybe talk on the phone with some loved ones if we have time, and then go to bed. On the weekends, we hang out with the same few people in the same couple of places…

The psychological underpinnings explaining our enchantment with this sh*t show.

Tiger King, the number one show on Netflix, distinguishing itself as the pandemic cult classic, grossed about 34 million viewers within its first ten days of release (Pallotta, 2020). It’s a mystery as to why this show above all others, about Joe Exotic AKA Tiger King: a mullet sporting, freeballing, gun-toting, polygamy praising, country music starring, tiger obsessing Oklahoma Zookeeper, took the catbird seat. Perhaps the most important question of all is as to why people embarking upon a journey aboard a corrupt vessel shouted metaphorically, ‘Full speed ahead for…

Envision the post-pandemic world

I stay up until the wee hours wondering what transpires next. What the future holds for my loved ones? How would life be on the other side of this pandemic?

A quarter of the world’s population is staying at home. Social distancing, a term most of us were oblivious to until recently, is now practiced at a massive scale to contain the spread of the virus.

Streets are empty, airports and pubs deserted while schools forced to shut down. If a few months back someone had put forward a notion that economies will crash and public spaces emptied, we would…


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