The Many Perceptions of Creativity (2)

Our second interview of the four-part series is with Nino van Hooff- Data Scientist at Artificial Industry

Can you be creative with data? At Artificial Industry, we believe ‘creativity’ comes in many different shapes and forms. In theme with the “World Creativity and Innovation Day”, we’ve created a series of interviews about people’s perception on creativity. This time we asked one of our Data Engineers, Nino van Hooff, about what creativity means to him. Read the full interview down below!

Nino van Hooff — Data Engineer

“Nino! How can you be creative, working with data and codes?”

“You can do a lot with data and you can definitely be creative with data and code. ‘Creativity’ is kind of like solving puzzles for me. I find it fascinating how designers have to come up with new ideas every single day. I think this is the case for most programmers as well. Good programmers are lazy programmers. We get creative by combining (new) methods and solutions to solve a specific problem we encounter. Mostly, the tools and processes that come out of this endeavor, fired by creative laziness, will speed up the projects.

I avoid having to program the boring stuff. Most things are out there anyway. Being creative means finding the right combinations to build new things and thus staying up to date. Staying up to date also helps data engineers to use the newest approaches which happen to be easier to use as well. Meetups and Hacketons are very trending in data science at the moment. Here, you meet other programmers, get inspired and use their ideas for your own projects. By distancing yourself from your own project once in a while, you sometimes find the best ideas and solutions to go forward.”

How do you see creativity in the Big Data Age? Let us know in the comments!

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