Your pension is paying for your AI / robot replacement

Artificial intelligence policy, laws and ethics
2 min readMar 10, 2017


Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

If your pension fund is being invested in companies working on automation or robotics, you are paying for your own workplace obsolescence whether you are a driver or a lawyer … or a fund manager!


Transport for London has 15,327 members of staff in operational roles including train drivers, drivers and network controllers.

In 2015 Transport for London chose Blackrock to manage £3.8 billion of its Pension Fund

But… Blackrock has ETF that tracks robotics and automation, TfL pensions could be invested in the technologies that will make staff redundant.

And automation is not just coming for drivers and operators. What’s your pension invested in?

While you’re looking, how do you feel about your pension funding unchecked exploitation of humans (eg conflict mining), further degradation of the lands ability to support the life that feeds us (fertilisers and pesticides), murderous munitions (arms firms). Or, really pick your pet causes — is your pension working with or against them.

Ask your pension fund trustees how the asset allocation strategies take into account long term Enviromental, Social, Governance issues. Find out who they have pointed as managers and what they are doing to mitigate risk and positively influence for your benefit.

And if you’re worried that you are paying for the robot that is taking your job. Start learning to do something else. Start learning to learn continuously.

Because… For almost any human skill you can think of, someone is trying to write an algorithm to do it