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The Biryani Story

I had these days, where I used to wake up every day without an actual goal or any ideas to get started with the day. Open rather my laptop or scroll through Twitter feeds every morning with no ambitions or whatsoever.

It feels like a fine drive until you got to bed. These collected thoughts and the feelings holding up in your head come alive to haunt you at the same time.

You can’t run anywhere.

I have been there and it feels like hell, to sum up in one word. How do I come over this? Is there a permanent solution for this? Is there a quick fix?

Yes and No.

I have tried numerous self-help videos on Youtube, read blogs but nothing seems to work for me. But I know writing could help me, but I was too lazy to do it instead I was fine watching shits on Youtube. Priority screwed up.

And this was the same timeline where I stopped blogging every day. I had a blunt reason that I said to myself, to make me feel good, yet it doesn't work in the longer run. My sleep cycle was getting weirder and weirder, sometimes I don’t sleep at all. Then I realized things aren't in my control.

One fine morning, I promised myself to write. Write what?

I had no limitations the task is to write things out from my heart. It's been a long time since my heart and my mind had a conversation, I paved a way for it. What did it cost?

A biryani. Indeed a heavy meal with meat on it.

It was 5:30 am and you can pretty much get biryani in the early morning’s where I live. So here is the deal. I have to sit and write for an hour or two without any distractions. Also, it should be physical writing, such a daunting task.

Well, then I started to write and the deal was biryani so I was pretty serious. But as time slips away, I began to immerse myself in act of writing, I had this homecoming smile on my face. Though I am not a writer, writing helped me to get through a lot of tough times. And it doesn’t fail to do so even now.

I began to jot down 12–13 things that my ideal self should have in himself after 1–2 years. While writing some of them I had literal tears, and yeah the obsession for biriyani wasn't there. Now the goal is to finish off this list. It got really interesting rather than being unrealistic, I was honest with myself.

I kept writing for more than an hour. The list stopped at 13 and it was about my parents and it was even the biggest.

The list was done and as a gentleman, I gotta buy myself a biryani. And I did

Maybe this all might sound pretty childish or weird. But here is the thing, I read them every morning at least every once in two days. And I know it should be a daily ritual and it will.

Alright, what's the whole point of this blog? I am sure it's not the biryani nor my ideal list.

Just write.

We have so many things going on in our lives, we are fine in spending hours on others chit-chatting, but least interested to unravel what's inside us and getting to know the main man deep inside you. There is no work for pills or medications if you know yourself well.

When you began to understand yourself, there is something called self-love steps inside your life. It's powerful and shapes up your whole character, and knows what's best for you. It ejects the rest. Cleanses up your soul and puts you in the process of refinement.

Knowing your ideal person and looking at those lists every single day might ring any bells who knows. You are making yourself accountable every day by doing this.

The biryani is tasty.

Let me list out one or two things from my ideal lists,

  • A guy who writes every day. Write things every day and keep me creative.
  • Have a great relationship with myself and trust my choices and decisions. Be independent.
  • Be healthy and flexible to do a backflip. Get shredded.

Can you achieve everything on that list? Maybe yes, or maybe not. But I know one thing for sure, that at the end of the day you will have the flavors of your ideal lists.

Jack of all trades.

By this time I got done with biryani. It was a happy ending indeed.

Until then,

Keep hammering.

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