Why worries can make you less creative

In most cases, I bow my head, place my palms on my chin and I really look this. Just like this.

Or like this

Not until I realize worries do not find the answers, it makes me lose what the questions really are.

Brainstorming on a solution is a different sector, you are simply revolving under a certain scope. But when you worry on problems or obstacles, it does the following to you

  • Too much worries makes the mind feel weak and just settle for less. I mean real less.
  • You will never find the source [question] to your worries but the result [answer] might be quite bold and booming
  • You don’t really believe things will work
  • Then you become a pessimist
  • And since it wont work, then you work less. Because you are now a pessimist.
  • Since you work less, you prototype little or nothing
  • And when all these aforementioned things happened, you lose your creativity
  • And when you loooooseeee your creative mind, oh my God. You hate the creation of the world.

Never worry about anything be it that business proposal you about to write or your financial status. Probably the task ahead of you is mountain-like and you are like Now I doomed, How can I get this done. I have worried and have seen people worried, so I know WORRY is no child’s play.

I actually got myself out of worry by knowing these facts

  • I made up of mind that obstacles will always come and they will never stop coming even the Berlin wall will never stop them
  • Problems are just part of life’s development, your current one will go and a new one will fade in
  • The world is about 7 billion people, So a lot of people are facing much worse
  • I simply stopped thinking about what happened, I trace the cause [question] and learn to make a better result [answer] next time
  • I now know I wont have all the variables to succeed, so I now do things in accordance to that
  • I revisit what I find comfortable and enjoyable. This makes me feel stronger
  • Now I know others journey cannot be worked by me, as so they can’t work mine for me even when they work it with me.
  • I now have a mindset that things will work well even in the least outcomes
  • I share my thoughts with a friend [could be a note app]
  • I now fall in love more with people and not things because people makes the world what it is today by using things and not the other way round
  • I just do things with little or no anxiety
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