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Photo by author Joanne Olivieri

Welcome everyone to the first ever Artique newsletter and prompt. I’m excited and I know you are too.

First things first. I want to thank all of our followers, subscribers, contributors and readers. You are what makes Artique what it is today and it is Awesome!

A heartfelt thank you and so much gratitude to our editorial staff EIC Joanne Olivieri Editors Ravyne Hawke Charlie Cole Christine Graves You guys rock!!!

  • I have recently updated our submission guidelines to reflect Mediums rules and regulations. Please read them and follow them.
  • Any submission not following these guidelines will be automatically rejected.
  • I can cut some slack on your tags as the editors have free reign on editing them. Read the guidelines here.

Okay. Here is your prompt. I’ve embedded a listing of some of my fave posts here on Artique. Your mission is to go through Artique, choose one of your fave posts and write about it linking the post to your own.

Mention me or anyone of our editors in your posts so we can read, highlight and comment on it. Your post can be published anywhere as long as you tag one of us and link to your fave post. Any questions, email me at

Here is my list

That is it for now. Hope you have enjoyed this newsletter and we look forward to your prompt responses.

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Artique and Delicious Delights

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My Sammers The Cockatiel Stories.


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