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Photo by Author Joanne Olivieri
Photo by Author Joanne Olivieri

I am that crazy bird lady you hear about. I love all bird species.

When I was able bodied I would visit and hike around Golden Gate Park two to three times a week to visit my avian species buddies and get photos of nature.

One of my favorite lakes is Lloyd lake. It houses a cornucopia of bird life from herons, to seagulls to ducks of all types and even the occasional chickens and Canadian geese. When I initially began visiting they were very timid but after a few visits they got to know me and allowed me to get up close and photograph them. They were even more friendly when I would bring food for them

Ducks as all other non prey birds typically rest and sleep with one eye open so they can see predators and with their heads tucked in their feathers for warmth.

These two photos were taken about six inches away from them. They are two of my all time fave photos.

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