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This is an email from The Artbeat, a newsletter by Artique.

The Artbeat: Issue #1

May 18th, 2022 — Introductions

Photo by Pablo Gentile on Unsplash

Welcome, all to a brand, spanking new newsletter for the Artique publication!

I would like to utilize this space in a way that showcases your pieces (hopefully weekly as things progress), share any news or updates, and provide all our lovely creators with an overview of everything that’s going on at Artique. I want to make sure I’m reflecting what YOU would like to see in this newsletter.

Suggestions? Recommendations? General comments? The door is open so don’t be shy about chiming in.

So, with that said here are a few housekeeping bits and bobs:

  • The submission guidelines have been updated so make sure to take a look at them by clicking here.
  • And we’re going to start doing prompts! I hope you all will join in. The first one has been posted and that can be found right here.

Again, I am excited to be overseeing this publication now, and may we only grow from here.

Have fun and go make things!




Share your artistic creations with us and the inspiration behind your work.

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Charlie Cole

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