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Artistic Autism

Best (and Worst) Practices in Using Art Therapy to Treat Autism (ASD)

A brief look at Theresa Van Lith’s 2017 research at FSU

Photo by Anna Kolosyuk on Unsplash

When my daughter, Aubree, first started showing symptoms — I didn’t believe it was autism.

My wife was a schoolteacher at the time and had worked with younger children and lower primary grades since she was a teenager. She called…




Art, in all its forms, remains a universal means of communicating what is in our minds. We look at work coming from neurodivergent minds, art therapy techniques, and anything else that fosters creative expression of the ASD mind.

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Daniel R. Fincher

Daniel R. Fincher

Freelance Writer, Storyteller, and Poet — Founder of Artistic Autism and Five-Minute Fiction

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