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The Team at AMI
Apr 16 · 2 min read

AMI Research Awards support faculty pursuing cultural research related to machine learning technologies. Apply now for 2021 AMI Research Awards.

Tivon Rice’s Models for Environmental Literacy (2020)

As part of Google’s ongoing commitment to support faculty working on positive societal initiatives, Artists + Machine Intelligence (AMI) supports artists and academics pursuing social science research that looks at technology’s implications and impacts on individuals and society.

Through the current program, AMI provides $20,000 USD fellowships to permanent faculty at degree-granting institutions. Cash awards in this program are structured as unrestricted gifts to universities. Faculty members may apply with supporting collaborators. Both new and ongoing research are eligible. Google does not retain any intellectual property from the research.

We accept applications from permanent faculty at universities around the world. Funding is focused on supporting the faculty’s research. We do not allow applications from non-degree-granting research institutions. Since our funding is structured as unrestricted gifts to degree-granting universities, we cannot process awards to other institutions (e.g. not-for-profits institutions, hospitals, non-degree-granting research institutes, etc.) even if they are affiliated with a university. A principal investigator must apply in his or her capacity as a university professor and must be able to accept an award through that university.

2021 Request for Proposals

We are now accepting applications for 2021. Apply here. Applications close on Monday, June 28, 2021, 11:59 p.m. PST.

Previous Recipients (in alphabetical order)

  • Rebecca Allen, University of California, Los Angeles: Re-emergence

Artists & Machine Intelligence (AMI) is a program at Google that brings together artists, academics and engineers to realize research and projects with machine intelligence. Questions? Feedback? Tweet us or email: artwithmi@google.com

Artists + Machine Intelligence

This publication showcases collaborations with artists…

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