Serpentine Miracle Marathon — Guest, Ghost, Host: Machine! Photo credit: Jake Elwes

AMI Talks: Summer Roundup

This summer was alive with creative AI gatherings in the US and EU. I had a chance to sit down for a few conversations which you can listen to, watch, and read below.

Guggenheim Summer of Know w/ Ian Cheng and Troy Conrad Therrien

I spoke with artist Ian Cheng and curator Troy Conrad Therrien at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC about the intersection of AI, art, and esoteric cultural movements.

Serpentine Miracle Marathon — Guest, Ghost, Host: Machine!

At the Serpentine Miracle Marathon I had a conversation with Jason Louv about designing AI-human relationships inspired by wisdom traditions. Below is a recap of the Marathon by the inimitable Victoria Sin.

Panel with Golan Levin and Heather Kelley

At Google Design’s SPAN conference I got to ask a few questions of my own to AMI Focused Research Award recipient Golan Levin and Heather Kelley of CMU and Kokoromi. Watch the uncannily animated Livestream below:

Cura magazine interview with Ben Vickers

Ben Vickers, CTO of London’s Serpentine Gallery, asked several provocative questions on behalf of the always excellent Cura magazine. Find your copy this way:

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