Artivatic Launches INFRD — API Insurance Cloud Platform to Build Future of Insurance

Modernizing API Infrastructure for Insurance. Insurance & Healthcare APIs for all your needs. 400+ APIs Available for building next-gen insurtech.

Insurance industry is witnessing high growth on distribution as more and more people are buying insurance, businesses are selling embedded insurance BUT?

Is the existing insurance infrastructure scalable? connected? API driven? — Answer is NO. As per survey done by KPMG for insurance transformation, states that >45% CIOs wants to have digital transformation.

Insurance industry needs re-thinking towards their business & process transformation using new age technologies. >79% People said to have increase in automation.

Automation increase happens via APIs infrastructure. Insurance & Healthcare industry need to rethink their technology integration to Improve:

  • Operational Processes
  • Data Driven Focus
  • Customer Experience
  • Reducing Risk & fraud
  • Turnaround Time
  • Digital Journeys
  • Product Design
  • Claims Processes
  • Health Ecosystem
  • Cost & Efficiency
  • and More

ARTIVATIC Launches INFRD — Insurance APIs Cloud Platform (Beta Version)

To Enhance the same and change the way Insurance & Healthcare Industry Operates, Artivatic is launching first of its kind AI Insurance Cloud APIs Platform, called ‘INFRD’.

INFRD is an Insurance & Healthcare APIs Cloud Platform for all your needs. Embed Our Insurance/Healthcare Services into your products using our modular building block APIs for on-boarding, claims, risk, fraud, underwriting, KYC, Sales, Services, Hospital and more.

We have launched BETA VERSION of INFRD Insurance APIs Cloud Platform today with 15 APIs. We will be launching more than 400+ APIs by Mid July 2021.

What you can expect from INFRD in BETA VERSION:

  • KYC APIs
  • Social & Digital APIs
  • Masking APIs
  • Financial APIs
  • Self Signing — API SaaS Platform for Every Insurance, Finance Developer & Businesses
  • Setup your own APIs
  • Use & Pay as per need
  • Check API Usages
  • API Documentation

Future Forward for INFRD 2.0 — In Jul /Aug 2021:

  • Underwriting APIs
  • Alternative APIs
  • Risk & Fraud APIs
  • Claims APIs
  • Speech, Video APIs
  • Health Risk APIs
  • Health UW APIs
  • Environmental APIs
  • Device APIs
  • Non-Invasive Health APIs
  • Property & Motor Insurance APIs
  • Product Design APIs
  • Distribution APIs
  • Sales APIs
  • Marketing APIs
  • Handwritten OCR/ICR APIs’
  • Govt & credit bureau APIs
  • IndiaStack APIs
  • Journey & Embedded Insurance APIs for health, Life
  • Telematics APIs
  • More than 400+ APIs you can expect in coming months

Signup Now to Test BETA VERSION of INFRD — Insurance & Healthcare APIs Cloud Platform: SIGN UP HERE.

Need a demo of INFRD, write to

To Know more About Artivatic: Click Here

About Artivatic: Artivatic is a global risk & decision-making platform that

automates human decisions in insurance & healthcare to provide efficiency,

transparency, risk assessment, personalization and digitization in entire

lifecycle of operations.

Artivatic has launched many platforms in recent past to empower Insuretch to drive future of insurance:

  • AUSIS: AI Smart Underwriting [Life, Health, SME, Alternative]
  • MiO: AI Sales & Marketing Platform
  • Onboarding: Onboard customers faster & seamless way
  • ASPIRE SME : Personalized Employee Health & Business Insurance
  • ASPIRE Customer: Self & Personalized Platform for policy manage, claims, family, health, mental health and communities
  • DARVIN: AI Healthcare Platform
  • ProdX Design: Product & Rules Design Platform
  • ProdX Distribution: API Driven Distribution for B2B2C
  • ALFRED: AI Claims Platform [ Accidental, Death/Disability, Health]

Looking forward to building the Operating System of Insurance!



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