Artivatic redefines Sales & Marketing: Launches AI Based MiOSales for Insurance

Supercharge your sales, team to focus more on customer engagement & ROI.

Get to know MiOSales SaaS Platform

  • Agent/partner/lead capturing and prospecting
  • Automated lead scoring and AI Based conversion for higher ROI
  • Behaviours Profiling and use of 3rd parties data to predict better insights
  • Recommended process and next best-action items to be taken care
  • Video/Audio based communication system
  • Inbuilt Whatsapp/social media communication system
  • Screen share, video based on-boarding, automated on-boarding, recording and more
  • Role management, insights and dashboard
  • Under Insurance or Insights in Gap Insurance
  • In-built content creation & sharing [text, video, documents, emails etc.]
  • In-built training, quote, commission management
  • Campaigns, advertising, and lead capture from various platforms
  • Performance analysis, KPIs and digital insights
  • Reducing TAT up to 45%
  • Automated capturing, filtering, segmentation, analysis and prospecting up to 60%
  • Lead analysis, lead profiling, lead scoring, data enrichment up to 80%
  • Increasing conversion for leads up to 65% using AI based decision systems
  • Behavioural profiling improving sales engagement up to 30%
  • Dynamic, personalized and fully digital process, systems
  • No need for physical operations, meet, branch/office
  • Saving $$$$$$$ for operations cost
  • Increasing ROI & Revenue for new business



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AI & Deeptech focused technology startup disrupting Fintech, healthcare & Insurance sectors: Reducing Risk, Digital Access, Underwriting, Claims, Fraud & more.