NFT Digest: Geometric Abstract Art

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Earlier in our blog, we reviewed the history of geometric abstractionism and origins of abstractionism as a whole, so check these if you haven’t already.

Part 1. Classical geometric abstraction

(artists who create one-off artworks playing with shapes and colors)

Jesuperman — NFT 3D/2D Artist. Jesuperman experiments with geometric shapes and light.

The artwork of this author could also be seen in our abstract art NFT digest.

Jesuperman on Twitter

Yura Kimakovych is an Ukrainian contemporary artist, best known for his vivid and colourful abstract paintings. Yura manages to translate his background into suprematist, geometric paintings that explore the interplay of form, colour, space and texture.

Yura Kimakovych on Twitter

Part 2. Generative geometries

(artists creating generative geometric art)

Eko33 is a generative artist from Switzerland; he started creating generative artworks in 1999. Since then, his work has been displayed in museums, international Biennales, and Art Basel Miami.

“I create deterministic generative art based on crypto hash seeds. Maximizing algorithmic diversity.”

Eko33 on Twitter

Cooper Jamieson is a scientist & artist from Venice, CA.

“My research lies at the interface of computational chemistry and biochemistry, where I discovered a new family of enzymes that catalyze classic organic reactions in nature”

Cooper Jamieson on Twitter

Placement” is a generative system that creates hard-edge color field compositions by placing rectangles on a grid. Each compositional element is uniform in scale and can be derived from this relationship: the short side of the outer rectangle is equal in length to the long side of the inner rectangle. The blockchain determines the number of and arrangement of compositional elements. This inherent lack of control leads to surprising complexity or stark simplicity. This series explores how color influences our perception of space and how adjacent colors influence perceived color hues.

ykxotkx — creative coder / software engineer based in Japan.

ykxotkz on Twitter

Abstract celestial art.

Stefano Contiero artist based in Italy, humanizing machines and digitizing reality.

Stefano Contiero on Twitter

Memories define us. Made of countless fragments, they are an ever-changing snapshot of our past. Frammenti is a digital explosion of life, inspired by our most personal treasures.

sgt_slaughtermelon and Tartaria teamed up to create the autoRAD collection. sgt_slaughtermelon is abstract geometry artist, Tartaria — generative artist & software/data engineer.

sgt_slaughtermelon and Tartaria on Twitter

Essentially, an expanded iterative Memphis/Neo-Memphis style project meant to emulate the free-flowing and fun spirit of the movement in tight compositions that surprise with each combination and position generation.

Tyler Hobbs is a visual artist from Austin, Texas who works primarily with algorithms, plotters, and paint.

His artwork focuses on computational aesthetics, how they are shaped by the biases of modern computer hardware and software, and how they relate to and interact with the natural world around us. Tyler develops and programs custom algorithms that are used to generate visual imagery.

Tyler Hobbs on Twitter

Fidentia is my most versatile generative algorithm to date. Although it is not overly complex, the core structures of the algorithm are highly flexible, allowing for enough variety to produce continuously surprising results. I consider this to be one of the most interesting ways to evaluate the quality of a generative algorithm, and certainly one that is unique to the medium. Striking the right balance of unpredictability and quality is a difficult challenge for even the best artists in this field.

You can read more about the algorithm of Fidentia here.

Part 3. Geometrotion

(authors animated their geometric abstractions)

Andrea Ferrario — 3D artist and photographer from Milan, Italy.

Andrea Ferrario on Twitter

mengyao is engineer / illustrator based in Seattle.

mengyao on Twitter

With this series, I wanted to explore composing basic geometric shapes in a way that’s exciting to me. I hope to inspire others in exploring their sense of child-like curiosity.

Don’t forget to look at this token on Formfunction — the movement of details is accompanied by a mysterious music box melody.

Bilge Çağan Yurtsever — motion designer from Istanbul, Turkey.

Bilge Yurtsever on Twitter

Сircles perform a dance of eternity to the soft sound of the keys of a Polivox.

The final chord in the digest will be an interesting collaboration between the animator and the musical duo!

Robbie Shilstone — Los Angeles based animator/filmmaker. Robbie’s website says:

Whether through illustration or animation, Robbie Shilstone of Shilstone Arts​ is creating worlds. From being a published illustrator to a finalist in film festivals, Robbie’s body of work evolves to fiteach and every story. He looks at every project as an opportunity to push style in a new direction and bring something innately human to the forefront. You can find him at the local coffee shop sketching out ideas and writing stories of his own.

finkel — alt/pop duo from Los Angeles, CA, that creates music and video to tell unique stories inspired by people and places all over the world

Robbie Shilstone and Finkel on Twitter

In early 2021, FINKEL wrote their album, Islanders, while visiting their hometown of Mackinac Island, Michigan. This experience was captured by a documentary film crew and produced as a feature film, also titled ‘Islanders’.

“I Am Machine” is a music video featured in the documentary and was the first song that FINKEL wrote on Mackinac Island. The 500 person island doesn’t have any cars, making snowmobiles, or machines as the Islanders refer to them, the only means of transportation during the freezing winter months. Both the machines and the people that ride them persevere despite the obstacles that life presents.

To check out the video from the I am machine series. The music is enchanting.

There’s no stable coin in the art world. But some art actually has value.

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