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Designed by magical artist Jay Fortune, Wundre is a collection of beautifully hand-made luxury furniture. Jay’s powerfully expressive stylised designs are enhanced by stunning illusion making Wundre unique, filled with character, personality and soul.

“Imagining the impossible, my love of illusion and playing with our everyday perceptions of reality has inspired me to create Wundre; each piece radiates ingenuity and intrigue, causing us to awaken in the moment and truly appreciate what we believe we are seeing.”
Jay Fortune

Stephen Whatcott

Stephen Whatcott is a self-taught artist working in Worcestershire, UK. Having previously dedicated several years to focusing on figurative drawing, he has been working on a new series of abstract paintings since the beginning of 2016.

These largely monochrome abstract paintings explore the emotional impact of the image and how we communicate with each other as human beings.


Multi-media artist Code FC, graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2002 with a degree in Public Art and Design. Since then he has been active as Street Artist / VJ / Video Artist / Painter, with projects spreading across art galleries, street art, clubs and music festival internationally.

His work typically involves site-specific socio-historical commentary, evident in his global street art practice, which takes the form of travel diaries onto outdoor spaces treated as sketch-books.

Kudos Memorabilia

Our devotion to the rare and authentic has led us on an exhilarating journey to acquire and preserve those iconic articles of memorabilia that will forever command a unique place in motion picture history.

From Bruce Lee to Marilyn Monroe, from The Lord of the Rings to James Bond, we are proud to offer, for sale or exhibition, a selection of articles from our exclusive collection of highly desirable movie costumes, props and fine photographic art.

Terrence Michael Ffyffe (AKA) Terry Ffyffe

I was born in Melbourne the cultural capital of Australia on the longest day of the year 21st December. I went to art School at Prahran College now called Swinburne University. At the time it was considered as the most progressive art school in Australia.

The Head of Art was Jeffrey Makin supported by Roger Kemp, then regarded as the greatest living painter in the country. There was still the influence of Clement Greenberg and the Abstract Expressionists.

Skelemental Art

Established in 1987 Raven Armoury is a small company of English Sword Makers who create magnificent bronze sculptures.

Every item we create is hand made, with quality materials and meticulous attention paid to every detail and accuracy.

A self portrait depicting the traumer of a cluster headache in the form of a bronze skeleton.

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