Sharpness of Resonance

The silhouette of a pier. Central, Hong Kong

I was completely frozen.
Suspended animation,
forced by my own will.
Coping mechanism.

You showed up,
out of nowhere,
at a peculiar point
on my timeline.

I fell hard,
head over heels
to another one.

Vigorous vibration,
didn’t remain still.
Flashed away in a split second,
like a lightning,
never last.

Countless experiments,
proved to be useless.
I suspend once again,
deleted my detector of emotions.
Survival tactics.

Words fails,
but you sat there in silence.
stay with me.

Your presence cures,
like medication,
steadily and slowly.

I was looking for resonance, 
transcendence of connection.
You are stable like a rock, 
but stares with sharpness.

Melting turquoise ice,
I’m becoming human.