Eternal celebration

Of salvation and gratification

Of death of history

Would be the day

We’ve long awaited for

The awaited destiny

When the world could finally meet

With its most perfect conclusion

That day when earth would find a ground

To finally rest upon

Free from the chains of gravity

From the weight of geography

That day when earth would be smiling

For an eternal early morning

Through the first cheerful moment of spring

That moment when all nature

Would be standing in one wakeful greeting

To such a blissful feeling

Framed still and golden clear

Inside such a painting stuck in bloom

in the awakeness of heaven

In the awakeness of flowers

Shining in golden colors

That day when the planet becomes home

And home becomes one

When all borders on earth

Would be vanished gone

When the will could finally rest power free

And all people would become

A delighted sculpture

Of being lost and found

In a moment of contemplation of peace of purity

Forming the most ideal status of human being

Drawing a final smile of a final hope

That looks so complete euphoric and achieved

Blooming their cheeks from lips to their brows

That day will be when we forget

All our difference and conflicts

All our struggles and confusions

That day when we witness the death of depression of revolution

Of tomorrow of yesterday

That day when we become totally resolved

That day when the only now

Becomes the only reality the only truth

Empty and free

In the emptiness and awkeness of everything

Without any illusion any wisdom

Without any poem of any kind .

On that day

Minutes and hours won’t count anymore

Tongues and lips wouldn’t bother for words anymore

And all the rhythms and beats

They become monotone

That day when peace

Would finally rule the earth

Once for itself and once for all

When eternity would finally

Announce the death of death

The end of life

That day when we all become one

Would be the end of the world

Silence would finally find its throne

And we all turn to stone

Without any witness

Without anyone

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