“The space between us , between my girlfriend and I, there are many feelings that I could not find words to transcribe for that, therefore, through my camera, I am searching for a language to speak to that.”

Cacher is one of my on-going personal project which documents the literal and emotional space between my partner and I. Too often, I’ve experienced the strange mixture of intense desire to show my affection and equally an intense need not to show how I feel about her.”

My inability to verbalize my feelings has transformed itself into a visual dialogue between my lover and me: I crave for a wordless understanding simply because I am afraid. I don’t want to clear thing out too much when there will be a possibility that my lover might fail to decipher my unspoken message.

I find my self caught up in this inescapable paradoxical: I try to hide the passion from her, (the word Cacher = to hide in French) but the act of documenting heavily our daily private lives and spaces, her body and mine, is an act of opening up myself to vulnerability. I suppressed my feelings but my photographs release it.

“To be honest, I just want to record the time we have spent together, the beautiful memories that I’ve been able to share with this person,in a desperate measure that I don’t want to forget any of this.”

“I always have my point and shoot camera with me, it is very easy just to take a snap and go. Usually it all depends on my mood, there are moments that I wish I could capture but then I could not, but I guess that’s life.”

Thanks for reading this interview with Melbourne-based photographer Thy Tran.

To see more of Thy’s work visit her Instagram or Website.

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“The most interesting thing about artists is how they live.” –Marcel Duchamp

Art Narratives

Celebrating Artists and Their Stories

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