Samantha Sutcliffe: Mega Nites

Sandusky, Ohio

The last trip I took brought me through the coastal towns of Ohio to Detroit. I pulled into an abandoned parking lot with a sign that said “Mega Nites” At first glance the phrase gives off the impression that something grandeur is going to happen. Sitting in the parking lot at night you would see a lady with no shoes on walk out of a building with a cigar in her mouth. There would be fast food chains hotels and highways surrounding you. Many of my experiences on the road have brought me to believe that advertisement is misleading.

Girl At The Karaoke Bar

“I was included in a project called “Beta Launch” that was published by John O’Toole. We were asked to create a single double-sided postcard. The collection of postcards was displayed in a VHS cassette tape box. My postcard had the photograph above and the following text: There is a double decker Ethiopian restaurant on broadway that has karaoke every Thursday night. I know the guy that works the bar by himself everyday. As for the girl dancing with the beer in hand I swear she spun around touched her knees and cracked the can.”

Highway Lunch Breaks Revisited

A lot of my summers were spent walking up and down route 10 going from my dads electronic distribution company to jersey boy bagels cinnamon raisin toasted cream cheese for my mom fun fact in my early teens I used to assemble potentiometers for my dad before that my grandma would in front of the tv never had a problem staring off and doing the same thing over and over and over again.

Green Screen Music Video

This past year I started working in the film industry. I’ve become increasingly more interested in the illusion vs reality of advertisement & the entertainment industry. In response I’ve been taking photographs of what happens behind the scenes when things are no longer make believe.

Construction Wallpaper Note for Clara

“I write a lot of short stories on the back of prints and postcards that I later gift to my friends. I printed this image out for a birthday present and the note on the back goes as follows: ‘This is a photograph I took at a construction site in Honolulu. At first glance it looks like Paradise but don’t be fooled.’”

Fever Dreams Zine

“After each trip I make a small run of photo books and send them out to friends and people I admire. This zine was made in collaboration with artist Emma Bagley. Still in the light of darkness, pages are filled with illusions and deceiving pairings like a brick wall on fire. After printing we used airbrush and color markers to make each copy one of a kind.”

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