The Artory Registry is Live!

We are thrilled to announce that the Artory Registry is now live!

For the first time ever, a neutral, trusted resource of vetted historical data about provenance is being made available to the public with all vetted data stored on the blockchain as a permanent and timestamped record. The release of the Registry is our latest step on our path to bring greater confidence to those who buy and sell art and collectibles.

The first artworks in the Registry are from this week’s Christie’s auctions of the Barney A. Ebsworth Collection. Christie’s has been an amazing collaborator, and we are proud to have worked together as we create history with blockchain and its application to the art market.

Please visit to explore the record of these amazing artworks.

Collectors will be able to prove their ownership while remaining completely anonymous to the public and to Artory. As Artory adds features, the new owners of these artworks will be able to opt-in to gain access to Partners and Service Providers for discounts on insurance, storage, lending, etc. Collectors will also be able to review analytics, manage collection inventory, and request artwork valuations.

A priority for us over the next several months will be to grow the amount of records in the Registry. We are doing this by on boarding more auction houses and dealers as our partners, as well as working with art data providers.

The Registry has been a labor of love, and we would like to thank our partner and friends for their continued interest and involvement in this exciting project.

View the full press release here: