CALL FOR ARTISTS — Deadline: May 5th 2018

When? May 11–12, 2018
Where? The Knockdown Center, Queens, NY

Makers, artists, and programmers interested in creating installation art prototypes and interactive experiments between art and blockchain, are invited to join the Maker Space and get their projects considered to be displayed inside the Dogethereum Bridge Art Project.
Artists will receive $500 USD and free admission to the Ethereal Summit

What is the Ethereal Summit?
Ethereal Summit is an event that takes place in Queens on May 11–12th to kick off NYC Blockchain Week. It gathers people from around the world for two days of storytelling, art, and knowledge.

What is the #ArtProject Maker Space?
The Maker Space enables the collective creation of art pieces that explore the intersection between art and technology. People interested in experimenting between the blockchain and physical art, are invited create with us and be considered to participate in the Doge-Ethereum Bridge Art Project.
Learn about the past Maker Space HERE

What is the Dog-Ethereum Bridge #ArtProject
The Dogethereum Bridge Art Project will be a public art installation space designed by Jessica Angel and sponsored by TrueBit. The space will host the different installations and tech related interactions awarded at the Maker Space. The concept for the bridge art structure is inspired by the Klein bottle, a mathematical object that we are using as a symbol of unification between the Dogecoin and the Ethereum blockchains. The piece is planned to be installed in the late summer and it will be about 22 ft. high, 30 ft. wide, and 40 ft. long. We are currently considering installing this massive public art piece in New York City or Vancouver.

More about the #ArtProject Decentralized Community
The #ArtProject Decentralized community is born after the necessity to interact with people from different fields to explore the convergence between art and blockchain, enabling unexpected connections that result in prosperous collaborations.

Participants can apply by sending an email titled “ETHEREAL PARTICIPATION” to before May 5th, stating their participation goals. Please also include portfolio link and/or work samples. Selected participants will be notified on May 7th.

The group of artists and programmers leading workshops and talks are:
Jessica Angel // Project Director // Visual Artist
Lindy Wilkins // Project Tech Lead // Tech Artist
Matt Condon // Collaborator // Software Engineer + Community Developer
Raffi Sapire // Collaborator (LivePeer) //Decentralized video live streaming
Benton C Bainbridge // Collaborator // Video Artist


Friday, May 11

9:00–10:00 Doors open
10:30–10:45 Meet & Greet @ Maker Space
11:00–11:30 Doge-ETH Bridge #ArtProject Introduction by Jessica Angel
11:30–11:45 Q&A
12:00–1:00 Status collaborators meeting and presentation — Dapp Whisper Mailbox
1:00–2:00 Lunch
2:30–3:30 Future Mainstream: The symbiosis of decentralization tech and hand-made media art, a talk and demo by Benton C Bainbridge
3:15 -6:00 Construction and collaboration starts. Facilitators provide assistance if needed.
6:30–8:00 Reception

Saturday, May 12

9:00–10:30 Meet @ Maker Space // Continuing construction, introducing the possible ways to connect it to the blockchain.
10:30–12:30 Lindy Wilkins Hands-on Tech Workshop
How do we connect the structure to the Blockchain?// Experimenting with LED lights and sensors on the construction. Please feel encouraged to bring your laptops for this workshop.
1:00–2:00 Lunch
2:00–3:30 Workshop. How to build decentralized video live streams into your artwork. By Raffi Sapire from Livepeer.
Participants continue working on prototypes and test activation
6:30 Reception
6:45–7:30 Codex Art Auction @ Arizona Room
8:00–1:00 Afterparty


What materials does the space provide?

+Plexiglass tiles 4’x 4’
+Card stock (white)
+Plywood and plexiglass pieces for the construction of solids
+Double sided tape (clear)
+5v 10a power supply
+3x Arduino Unos + USB cables
+Wire strippers/cutters
+Basic building tools
+Adhesive vinyl rolls, different colors
+Soldering Iron and solder
+LED Lights + Wire

What materials do you have to bring? 
Anything else not listed above that you consider necessary to experiment with us.


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Questions? Contact Holly Chang at

This Maker Space is possible thanks to the Ethereal Arts Grant and the financial support of the TrueBit Foundation