Round-table Discussions at the Ethereal Summit in NYC 2019

Jessica Angel
May 8, 2019 · 3 min read

Autonomous computer generators have been in the imagination of different people in the blockchain ecosystem such as Trent McConaghy and Simon de la Rouviere. Check out this edited transcript of an interview with them. They explore AI art in convergence with DAOs, a powerful combination that Truebit is capable of fostering by conducting heavy or more complex computations than is possible within current gas limits. Truebit is aiming to powering these self-governing creative systems and allowing them to take on a life of their own.

The #ArtProject Decentralized community and Truebit, supported by the Foundation of Art Blockchain, are setting a MakerSpace for the Ethereal Summit. This year, we are inviting a group of AI developers, artists, and curators, to foster a series of intimate round-table discussions bringing the concept of Unstoppable Art to the table. We are interested in exposing different views on this subject and evaluate the necessary elements to put these machines together to service the community.

If you’ll be at the Ethereal Summit, join us!

When and Where?

May 10th and 11th 2019 — Ethereal Summit at Pioneer Works. Find us in the room adjacent to the main stage.

Meet the people joining the MakerSpace who you can talk to and explore these exciting ideas!

Founder of Truebit. His research activities on decentralized systems include the Verifier’s Dilemma, Interactive Coin Offerings, SmartPool, the 38.2% attack, and Dogethereum. As a mathematician and computer scientist, Jason has held postdoctoral positions at the National University of Singapore, Penn State, and Universität Heidelberg, research positions at think tanks RAND and IDA, and multiple Fulbright fellowships.

Visual artist working on the intersection between art, science, and technology. She is currently working with Truebit leading artDAO integrations using our scalable, trustless computation. Jessica is an active member of the crypto-art community contributing to projects like #ArtProject.io and the Art and Blockchain Foundation.

Artist and a programmer interested in generative systems, computer science, and software for creativity and self-expression. Gene will be talking about Abraham.ai a TBA open project to study and build a self-owning art program which creates digital art via a decentralized and irreproducible generative model. He initiated ml4a, a free book about machine learning for artists, activists, and citizen scientists, to facilitate a greater public understanding of the subject.

Dada is an online drawing platform for visual conversations between people across the globe. They have a data set of over 110K drawings made by artists in their community that may serve as the learning basis to train a GAN to draw and respond to drawings made on their platform.Currently, they have a DADA account with a person who draws, they’re interested to turn this account into an autonomous artist that respond to these drawings autonomously.

Software engineer who recently built with a team an implementation of the concept artonomous, which created a marketplace for artists to sell custom generative art on top of the blockchain. Iain is interested in using the blockchain as a utility for artistic expression and toolkit for collaboration and free expression, as opposed to its monetary transactions and governance use.

Art curator, advisor and writer with a passion for experimental new media and a critical interest in cross-disciplinarity. For the past several years she has dedicated to championing creative applications of technology through the support, dissemination and cultivation of innovative practices. The MakerSpace is featuring her essay “Radical Companions”

Reach out to jessica@truebit.io or ask and follow this initiative on our Telegram group http://t.me/ArtProjectDecentralized

#ArtProject Decentralized

In collaboration with artist Jessica Angel, TruBit's first…

Jessica Angel

Written by

Visual Artist exploring blockchain. www.JessicaAngelArts.com

#ArtProject Decentralized

In collaboration with artist Jessica Angel, TruBit's first art project will use high impact, immersive and interactive art to foster community participation and reflections around the pioneering work in the blockchain ecosystem.

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