What is the Dogethereum Bridge #ArtProject?

Jessica Angel
Apr 30, 2018 · 5 min read

The Doge-What? You Will Understand Everything About it Here!

The Dogethereum Bridge Art Project is a penetrable public art space measuring of 23 ft. high, 30 ft. wide, and 40 ft. long, designed by Jessica Angel and sponsored by TrueBit. The concept for this public art piece is inspired by the Klein bottle, a mathematical object that we are using as a symbol of unification between the Dogecoin and the Ethereum blockchains. TrueBit created a software bridge to achieve the connection between these two crypto-currencies and claimed a prize that is being used for the fabrication of this massive public art structure.

The project proposes the construction of the piece and the development of public programs that activate the space, fostering collaborations between artists and programmers to create interactive pieces inside the Klein bottle. Through art, we aim to promote the understanding of blockchain technology by engaging with the community.

The piece is planned to be open to the public in the late summer. We are currently considering installing at the Hinge Park as part of the Vancouver Biennale 2018 and in the wake of the colocated Dogecon 2018

The Dogethereum Bridge #ArtProject visualized from different angles

How can individuals contribute to the project?

Artists are invited to present proposals to create interactions inside the space. Programmers and tech leaders who are part of our team are available to help those ideas be realized. Speakers and educators interested in using the space for panels, lectures and talks are invited to submit proposals.
Supporters and donors are encouraged to contribute to fund the traveling and installation of this structure to Vancouver, and potentially to other parts of the world.

We have an open call for artists to send their ideas and experiment with us in NYC for the second version of the Maker Space at the Ethereal Summit on May 11th and 12th 2018.

We will test the possible art pieces and collaborations that will take place inside the bridge.

Gathering the community to reflect upon ways of collaborating inside the art structure.
Results from our first collaborative experiment at ETHDenver. Feb 2018
Collaboration between Jessica Angel and Chris Bagley. Wallpaper and video projections. ETHDenver 2018

Why Using Blockchain?

The very nature of this commission is to create a visual representation of the software bridge that unites two blockchains, making this technology the starting point for the conceptualization of the project.
On the other hand, blockchain technologies are rapidly developing and we are increasingly seeing its applications in different industries. We are at the dawn of an era that will be governed by this technology and we are excited to pay tribute to the future that lies ahead.

How does blockchain technology work?

A blockchain is a database, much like the normal databases used to power the internet, but with a key difference: when it’s combined with distributed computing, no one person is in control over what’s stored in the database. Before Bitcoin, this sort of thing wasn’t really possible; you had to trust whomever was running your database (like Twitter or Facebook) not to edit it.

In simple terms, Bitcoin is a distributed database, built with a blockchain, that stores who owns what amount of Bitcoin and a record of transfers.

Because no single entity owns the database, a majority of people need to collude in order to create fake information (like making more Bitcoins out of nowhere). The most popular method for deciding who owns how much of the database is called Proof of Work: it’s a computer process, using a mathematical function called a hash function, that proves that someone spent a lot of time and electricity figuring out the correct answer — this is called mining. The computer that finds the correct answer the fastest — the miner — is in charge of appending a set of new transactions. Every other miner then verifies their work to make sure they don’t cheat.

What is unique about the fabrication of this piece?

This public art piece will be a steel penetrable structure made of thin steel sheets build into pieces that can be assembled and disassembled allowing the structure to travel around the world. The structure doesn’t require an additional structural frame, similar to a dome, the piece it is self-bearing, allowing and maximizing the material properties and efficiency.

The sculpture has a walking area of 565 SF, allowing 47 people to be inside the space at the same time. The structural capacity of the work is enough to resist all weather loads — high wind, snow and seismic.

Measurements from different views. Structural details.

What is unique about this project in general?

The fact that this project is sponsored by the community and created to engage different players in the field of art and technology makes it very special. It will have an educational component that ensures for the activation and reach of the artwork in its hosting location.

The installation will be a laboratory for experiments that fosters alliances and synergies between people, mediums and ideas. This one piece will support many interactions and collaborations to take place. The larger community that the project has spurred will open up opportunities and connections for generations to come.

How did you persuade TrueBit to sponsor the project? What is the benefit for the commissioner?

I was approached by TrueBit who commissioned this piece. They are interested in bringing value back to the community in the form of art.
Part of the conceptualization behind the project comes from a feedback process with the trueBit community, who joined a public forum about this endeavor and provided feedback, helping to achieve the final concept.

Is there a technical description of the Dogethereum software bridge?

Yes! You can find here an article by Sina Habibian, one of the members of our community and the lead software developer of this project.

#ArtProject Decentralized

ArtProject.io is a community of artists, designers, programmers, and people keen to the ethos of decentralization. Born after the necessity to interact with people from different fields to explore the convergence between art and blockchain, #ArtProject enables unexpected connecti

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#ArtProject Decentralized

ArtProject.io is a community of artists, designers, programmers, and people keen to the ethos of decentralization. Born after the necessity to interact with people from different fields to explore the convergence between art and blockchain, #ArtProject enables unexpected connecti