Statements on Creative Alliances and Integrated Participation

The #ArtProject at ETHDenver

#ArtProject Tech Lead, Lindy Wilkins’ presentation


Sophy Wang, Jessica Angel, Richard Beer, and Brady McKenna, took over the space, installing wallpaper, building sculptural pieces and applying adhesive vinyl. ETHDenver attendee Kelly LeValley joined the space to make a mural, Lane redding and others, became new friends of the #ArtProject, contributing to the Maker Space with work, ideas and company.

The Making. First day in the space was about covering walls, having presentations and workshops about the Doge-Ethereum Bridge #ArtProject and the technical possibilities to create interactive pieces connecting prototypes to the blockchain.


After Lindy Wilkins’ workshop, Lindy, Jane Haker and Matt Condon, developed an interactivity between one of the blocks built at the temporary wood shop and a piece of metal pipe, giving birth to a piece representing proof of work that will take place inside the DOGE-ETH bridge. It made it!

The Interaction. Artists and programmers joined forces to create working prototypes connecting the blockchain to physical art pieces.


Lindy Wilkins and Jane Hacker,

Proof of Work
Lindy Wilkins and Jane Hacker connecting the mural
BUIDLING. Brady and Rich saved the day with their contribution to the sculptural elements of the piece.
Brady McKenna performing in the Maker Space.
Richard Beer managing the live stream — VR — layer of the performance
Chris Hutchinson leading the Status collaboration with the #ArtProject
Ivan Danyliuk, Océane Boulais and Adam Babik. The three forces behind the Whisper Mailbox Interactivity
Unity Of Conflicts. Proposal developed by Wanqin Nong.
Jessica Angel
Chris Bagley
Ethan Nunn

Special Thanks to ETHDenver participants and supporters:

Adam Babik
Brady McKenna
Chris Bagley
Chris Hutchinson
Emily Hunter
ETHDenver team of volunteers
Holly Chang
Ivan Danyliuk
Jane Hacker
Jason Teutsch
Jessica Angel
Justin Moskowitz
Karen Teutsch
Kelly LeValley
Lane Redding
Lindy Wilkins
Matt Condon
Océane Boulais
Rhys Lindmark
Richard Beer
Robbie Bent
Teri Minogue
Sina Habibian
Wanqin Nong



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