ArtPro’s Artist in Focus Part 1: Benjamin Phillips

In the first in a new series of articles profiling artists whose work will appear on ArtPro, we talk to Benjamin Phillips, a London-based artist who has developed a unique style — and his own, individual art-making techniques. As a creative force, Phillips employs everything from paint brushes to power tools in his process, producing large-scale mixed-media compositions on handmade wooden panels.

To gain better insight into the artist, we asked Phillips why he agreed to become involved with ArtPro. He explained: “As artists, we train ourselves to look more closely than others, to see things beneath the surface and to consider new possibilities. What excites me about ArtPro is that they’re using new technologies to do the same for the art market. They’re disruptive, but their purpose is to take art to new audiences. That’s something exciting, and I wanted to be part of it.”

The son of a master craftsman, oil painter and driftwood sculptor, Philips draws upon a rich artistic heritage and marries it with interest in the contemporary urban landscape. He fuses seemingly disparate media and concepts into new, freshly composed coalescence.

Many of the collage elements for his pieces are collected from the streets of London, immortalising otherwise ephemeral moments into contemporary abstraction. In his work he explores the relationship between materiality and urban landscape, weaving the tale of the many lives of London. It takes in the many sights, sounds, smells and landscapes which construct the cultural tapestry of the city.

Philips work will be available for purchase on ArtPro from launch. He said, “Being an ambitious emerging artist I want my work to be featured alongside my contemporaries and peers. This as an opportunity to make my pieces available without them becoming lost among thousands of hobbyist and amateur artists, which is exactly what you get on Saatchi art and the Art finder type marketplaces.”

We are excited to fulfil that ideal and delighted to offer our buyers the work of Benjamin Phillips on ArtPro. We think you’ll agree that a Benjamin Phillips is not simply a work of art, but a moment in the history and the soul of this great city captured forever.

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