How ArtPro Can Help New Artists Launch Their Career

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3 min readAug 30, 2018


If beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, beauty dies unseen. It may be a truism, but people can only fall in love with the art they view. The rest falls into the abyss, forever unknown. For art lovers and artists both, that is a tragedy. So when we planned ArtPro, we decided a cornerstone of our mission would be to bring the work of many more artists to the eyes of the public. For although art appreciation will always hold a degree of subjectivity and people may argue on the merits of one piece over another, that conversation can’t even begin without some means of being seen.

ArtPro is a unique peer-to-peer marketplace which connects art buyers with private dealers and contemporary artists, with a focus on emerging talent. We give artists the tools they need to promote their work while seeking to engage a new, wider audience of art lovers. Through this, we will nurture, develop and grow the art market.

The Closed Door of Opportunity

First, let’s discuss where we currently find ourselves. Much of the art world exists to serve the biggest names and most valuable properties within it. As a new artist looking to reach the market, there are simply too few options available. Auction houses and galleries may as well exist in another world entirely. These organizations work well for established artists, but expenses and overheads mean there is little to zero room for experimentation with new and emerging talent.

Artists must then do their best with self-promotion: attending local art fairs; finding amenable coffee houses or other businesses to host their work, and creating an artist website. These methods all suffer from the same issue — the exposure they offer is limited.

How ArtPro Works for Artists

As a global peer-to-peer market, ArtPro opens the door to a world of possibilities. For artists, the ArtPro process begins by creating a profile on the ArtPro platform. Once created artists can verify their account, upload work and promote it on ArtPro. Descriptors used by the artist categorize the piece according to style, size, location, price range and artist name. This makes it easy for buyers to filter art according to their preferences, style and budget, putting the artwork directly in front of the people most likely to purchase it.

What’s more, visualizing that art in any given space will be easier than ever before. Using Augmented Reality (AR) on smartphone screens the ArtPro app will make it possible to instantly place the artists’ work directly in the office or living space of potential buyers. This will allow art to find a home before it leaves the studio.

Lastly, for those few artists who wish to become a little more entrepreneurial, there will also be the opportunity to purchase advertising space and a very limited number of sponsored listings.

Growing The Market

To give artists the greatest chance of putting their work in front of new people ArtPro will employ a marketing strategy involving hotel and restaurant chains, art collectors, investors (including cryptocurrency investors) and auction houses. ArtPro will also attend and advertise at Art Fairs including Art Basel Miami, Frieze, Monika, the Other Art Fair, Talented Art Fair and the Affordable Art Fair.

With detailed reports and investment guides, ArtPro will educate new buyers on the world of art. In conjunction with our augmented reality app, this will give relative newcomers a greater degree of confidence and comfort in their purchases than previously possible.

ArtPro believes that the success of emerging artists lies in growing the art market and increasing their exposure to that market. By doing both in tandem we can give new and emerging talent a strong foundation from which to launch their art career and place art in the gaze of someone who will cherish and love it.

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ArtPro is the first Blockchain powered online market place. Utilising Blockchain for provenance and smart contracts for transactional purposes.