Team ArtPro Gains More Weight With Mauro Andriotto As Financial Advisor

Former Professor of Corporate Finance and Enterprise Risk Management, Mauro Andriotto is an independent expert at the European Commission for Horizon 2020 (€80bn funds) where he approves public grants of up to €2.5m for innovative and disruptive European projects.

As the Quantitative Leader at EY for the Southern Europe area and the founder of Andriotto Financial Services, a financial boutique located in Switzerland, Mauro specialises in fundraising strategies. Impressively, he is also the founder and managing partner of ICO Advisors where Mauro sits on different Advisory Boards around the world. We believe his wealth of experience in economics and his extensive understanding of cryptocurrency will help ArtPro to advance our corporate outreach campaign and also aid us in overcoming the hurdles of mass adoption.

CEO Oliver Hams explained “Mauro has a very impressive resume and his experience and understanding of business enterprise has been invaluable thus far! We’re very excited he chose to come on board and welcome his addition to the ArtPro team!”

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