“Why ArtPro Will Be Sustainable From Day One” — CEO Oliver Hams

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4 min readAug 24, 2018


When we conceived of ArtPro we named it for a key benefit. In our case pro refers to the provenance of the artwork on our platform. However, there is another type of pro which evokes another meaning — professional. Now you may find some who will tell you professional means getting paid, or more flippantly, someone who dresses up when they go to work rather than dressing down. For us, a professional is someone who elevates their craft to such a level that others desire and actively seek out their work. It is the line which divides the banal from brilliant, the mundane from magnificent, the I-guess-so from the great.

It was a love for great contemporary art which first drew me to the art world, but more than a decade in business keeps me pragmatic. Make no mistake, art is a business. It’s so much more of course, but for art to grow and to flourish it must be sustainable. That’s how you stick around for the long haul, and we owe it to the artistic community to do just that. ArtPro is founded with that same philosophy in mind: by providing a service of value to artists, buyers, collectors and sellers, we will create a business that will be sustainable from day one.

ArtPro Is The Market

ArtPro is the marketplace where the needs of artists, buyers, collectors and sellers are met. We provide the tools and environment which allows these individuals to interact in way which benefits them all. Supported by the ArtPro Token (APT) this market becomes a partly self-sustaining ecosystem which helps to drive our business forwards. I’ll discuss the specific benefits of the ArtPro Token at a later time, but for now I’d like to consider the market and platform more generally.

We begin with the product and by sourcing fantastic works of art. My considerable time in the fine art business has given me an eye for great pieces, whether for aesthetic purposes or as an investment. Already ArtPro have secured agreements with over 50 artists and collectors that will give buyers an engaging and exciting collection on launch. We have a prospect development plan in place to find the art to successfully grow our platform.

An ArtPro decentralized application (dApp) will provide easy access to the platform and allow buyers to browse and navigate around using search criteria such as style, size, artist and price range. Once the dApp is updated with Augmented Reality (AR), ArtPro pieces will be viewable “in situ”, allowing buyers to instantly see a piece of art in any space of their choosing. This will allow for superior purchasing decisions.

Buyers will also enjoy great peace of mind thanks to our verification process which leverages blockchain technology to create an unchangeable, tamper-proof record of provenance for every artwork.

The ArtPro market will provide sellers with a range of tools to record, promote and sell their art directly to buyers. We will also use the ArtPro platform to foster and promote emerging talent. As our reputation grows, more artists and sellers will want to join the open ArtPro platform, further improving the service to buyers.

Turning Art Into Profit

In order to make our platform sustainable we need to monetize the ArtPro platform. This will be achieved in a number of ways but the primary methods are as follows:

  1. We will take a commission of between 1–7% on artwork sold through ArtPro, with commissions reduced for ArtPro Token holders
  2. We will sell advertising space and sponsored promotions on the platform
  3. ArtPro memberships will be sold, providing added benefits for those who purchase
  4. Some features such as Augmented Reality will incur a small fee
  5. We will sell safe storage space for artwork bought as investment \
  6. For as little as $1,000 we will allow people to participate in an Art Fund as a speculative investment

Seeking ArtPro

As I noted at the outset, a professional is someone who elevates their craft so that others will desire and actively seek out their work. The ArtPro solution is conceived with this ideal in mind. ArtPro will be sustainable from day one because our focus is on more than just the product itself. It is a platform that supports the artists, buyers, collectors and sellers. It is the best we can make it, and so ArtPro is more than just a name, a feature or a benefit — it is a statement of intent.

About Oliver Hams

With an extensive sales background spanning property, collectible investments and fine art, Oliver has established himself as a leading driving force behind the success of the companies he has worked with. His passion for knowledge has both armed him and earned a credible reputation amongst his peers and his loyal clients.

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ArtPro is the first Blockchain powered online market place. Utilising Blockchain for provenance and smart contracts for transactional purposes.